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I've registered, why can't I post?
When you signup to this site an email will be sent to the address you provided, with a link to confirm your account. If you did not receive this email, please check any spam filters, then use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page to request the email be resent.

Once confirmed you will not be able to post until your account has been manually validated by an administrator. You will receive an email when this has been done, and will then be free to post on our forums.

Where's my post count?
You can see your post count if you look at your own profile, and the post counts of others can be seen in the memberlist. Post counts are no longer visible on the main forum pages.

Where did my thread go?
Most likely it was moved or merged, and the redirect has expired. Try viewing your last posts through your own profile, then contact a moderator if necessary.

Please do NOT create a new thread asking where a previous one has gone.

Will you delete my account?
No. Under no circumstances do we delete accounts, on request or otherwise. If you no longer wish to use the site then do not login; if this is not satisfactory then contact a moderator or admin who may permanently close (ban) your account, but it will not be deleted from the database so please do not ask.

How do I get a custom title?
Custom titles are assigned at the discretion of the administrators. If you want one, feel free to ask. But do be careful what you ask for

Titles may also be arbitrarily given or changed at any time.

How do I report an inappropriate or unacceptable post?
By clicking on the following icon, located in the bottom left corner of the relevant post

The moderating team will be alerted, and will consider what action (if any) they feel should be taken.

Please note that due to abuses, the report post function is no longer anonymous.

All times are GMT +1. The time now is 07:07 PM.

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