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General Posting Guidelines
Est1892's purpose is to be a friendly and accessible community where a wide variety of Liverpool fans can interact in a relaxed environment. We prefer self-regulation, but we also prefer being able to enjoy the site, and therefore we ask all posters to respect these general guidelines.

- Try to be nice, or at least civil. Show others the respect you would like to be shown. Remember everyone is entitled to an opinion, expressed in an appropriate manner of course, no matter how wrong they may be, without receiving abuse from others who do not agree with it. Trashing of other posts or topics is not big or clever, nor does it make you a better fan or person. At the end of the day we're all Liverpool fans – you may disagree with somebody's point of view, but please respect their right to have it and express it on here. Petty flaming spoils forums for everyone, if you think someone is an idiot simply ignore them and respond to someone else.

- Think before you post. If you are creating a new thread, try to make it interesting, well worded, or informative. Repetitive threads or polls, and those started with a few words rarely inspire good discussion. Use the search function to check it is not been covered in an existing thread, in which case you should post in there instead. Duplicate threads may be merged, or exceptionally inane ones locked, at the moderators discretion. Also, websites containing 'nuisance' code that can interfere with a user's browser are rarely funny, and can sometimes result in loss of data, so please refrain from linking to them.

- Do not make endless repeated posts saying essentially the same thing. Excessive domination of threads by individuals who incessantly pick on every comment made by others, and consistently post in a tit-for-tat fashion, is both off-putting and tiresome to read for everyone else. Try to state a point fully, and then let others have their say without browbeating them into submission.

- If you have a particular problem with any post on those board, please contact us via the 'report to moderator' link at the bottom of each post. And do try not to respond, or especially quote it, on the forum itself please.

- Please do not defy the moderators express wishes. If you feel a decision has been made wrongly or in haste, do not endlessly debate or open numerous new threads about it, or otherwise throw toys out of the pram. Polite contact via the private message system, or a thread in feedback if necessary, will suffice. We're all human, we all make mistakes sometimes, but we rarely respond well to histrionics.

Other specifics are covered in the rules below, and the help section.

Thanks, and enjoy the site.


We like to think that we're quite relaxed, and that we allow our posters freedom to post as they wish in specific areas. Our swear filter is optional, catering for all members

To choose a censored version of our boards, the help file can be found Here.

However we do expect posters to take some responsibility for what they post. Swearing is one thing, but don't be offensive, libelous or slanderous to other posters or other individuals. Sexist, racist, bigoted, or "special needs" insults of any kind will not be tolerated and will be removed. A sense of humour is allowed, but we should all know where to draw the line.

Those posting as such repeatedly, will find themselves warned by moderators, and sent to the Sin Bin.

Please also do not swear in thread titles, large type, or post images containing swear words.

Moderation - what to expect
The moderators on est1892 are all volunteers, chosen as contributing members to this community. Although we attempt to address situations as promptly as possible we cannot always monitor these forums 24/7, and appreciate your understanding in that.

Users can expect moderators to give reasons for their decisions wherever possible, and explain them politely on request. Where a moderator has been heavily involved in a thread as a poster (yes, we do have opinions too), they are expected to defer major moderating issues within it to another where possible. Unresolved complaints about moderation should only be addressed via pm to Paul.S or MrMichael.

Breaching the guidelines of this site may result in the following moderator interventions:

- A moderator may simply address a general issue in a thread. Posts may be edited, moved, or removed at their discretion.
- A moderator may pm a specific poster to address a specific issue.
- Where an issue persists or is extreme, one or more users may then be placed in the sinbin where the situation will hopefully be resolved and their access restored. Read more about the sinbin here.
- Having exhausted the above, a temporary ban from est1892 may be imposed
- Continued problematic behaviour would then lead to a permanent ban from the site.

Other Websites
Liverpool supporters are lucky to have a wide and varied choice of reputable, free internet sites, many of which shall be listed on our imminent links page. We consider these sites to form a wider community, one which we are immensely proud to be part of, and as such we firmly discourage derogatory or inflammatory posting in any way connected to another such site.

Where a poster wishes to reprint on this forum any content from another site, please ensure it is within that site's rules to do so, and provide appropriate credit (or preferably a link). This also applies to mainstream media articles.

We are happy to discuss appropriate promotion of startup sites or lfc related campaigns, but appreciate the courtesy of contact prior to posting.

Where this courtesy has not been extended, repetitive posts or messages with the sole intention of promoting another site will be considered as spam, and the poster dealt with accordingly.

Multiple Logins
We do not allow multiple accounts as they have been used in the past to gang up on our members. We have a number of detection methods for discovering multiple accounts. If you opened an account for a legitimate reason, (i.e. You lost your account details), please PM Paul.S or MrMichael

Any accounts flagging up as duplicate will be contacted by a moderator for an explanation, and may be sent to the Sin Bin where this issue can be discussed, and of course, any concerns can be voiced if it is not a multiple account. If it is, there are usually 2 options.

1. Multiple accounts can be merged into one single account.
2. Multiple account is sent to a “Banned Users” group.

Regular offenders ignoring this rule, or those who create duplicates to bypass the sinbin or a ban, will find all of their accounts permanently banned.

"Not Safe For Work" content
Est1892 is a forum intended primarily for over 18's. However many members access this site from their workplaces, and we also do not see the value in even small numbers of our members being offended by images or videos posted on the site. Therefore we do not allow the posting of sexualised, sexist or otherwise potentially offensive content.

If in doubt, please contact a moderator prior to posting; we are aware there will always be a grey area and simply ask people to exercise a bit of common sense and not to overreact if a post is moderated on this basis.

Rival Fans
Please don't bother posting inane drivel slagging us off. We can do that stuff ourselves, thanks.

Supporters of other clubs who wish to make a genuine and mature contribution should however be treated on this site with the (jovial) respect that defines our fanbase.

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Any posts remain the responsibility of the poster. Neither est1892, its Owners nor any company affiliated will be held responsible from any disputes arising from these posts. The views raised are not necessarily those held by the website or its owners.


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