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Bender 05-07-18 03:36 PM

Fantasy Premier League 2018/19 *new*
You can now pick your team for the coming season on Fantasy Football...Mo Salah's price has gone up from £9 million to £13 Million and Naby Keita is £7.5 million and Fabinho is £6 million

Code for the Est league - seems not to be auto-renewing for some people.


Liverpool 06-07-18 09:36 PM

4 million more for Mo than Mane? Keita at 7.5m, will he be directly involved enough and his red cards.

Looks a bit more difficult this year

kemlynmoaner 31-07-18 09:28 PM

I want to join, does anyone have the code for season 2018/19?

MrMichael 31-07-18 10:46 PM

Is the previous Est league actually active yet, can't see it on mine? Does someone need to prod -V- ? :D

-V- 31-07-18 10:51 PM

That's funny cos I just got pm'd about this 20 mins ago. But I swear it's already active

-V- 31-07-18 10:51 PM


Liverpool 31-07-18 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by -V- (Post 3494745)

thanks, my other leagues renewed fine, but seems to be a fair few in est league so no problems for them

MrMichael 31-07-18 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by -V- (Post 3494743)
That's funny cos I just got pm'd about this 20 mins ago. But I swear it's already active

As if like magic :haha: :rock:

Yeah I had to manually rejoin it with that code, odd that. I'll change it in the OP too... in fact I'll make this a new thread...

-V- 31-07-18 11:09 PM


Originally Posted by Liverpool (Post 3494748)
thanks, my other leagues renewed fine, but seems to be a fair few in est league so no problems for them

Yeah very odd.


Originally Posted by MrMichael (Post 3494750)
As if like magic :haha: :rock:

Yeah I had to manually rejoin it with that code, odd that. I'll change it in the OP too... in fact I'll make this a new thread...

Who won it last year? I stopped playing after missing all those Friday night games at the start

MrMichael 31-07-18 11:47 PM

RedReet did, which reminds me to change his title actually. Not sure about some of the earlier years, but I think these are right;

17/18 - RedReet
16/17 - Hammer
15/16 - Liverpool
14/15 - MrMichael
13/14 - Liverpool
12/13 – RedReet

I hate Friday night games for FPL. This season starts on a Friday too so don't get caught out by that anyone.

poorscousertommy 10-08-18 04:55 PM

any good 4.5 million defender tips? I'm looking a bit top heavy at mo and am scrabbling about for a half decent defender for pennies.

Fuzzy 10-08-18 05:26 PM

West Ham have a few - their new signing Diop, and also Zabaleta and Ogbonna I think. Wilshere and Noble are also very cheap, 5.0 each. Although none of them are probably a good idea if you expect us to dismantle them on Sunday :)

Liverpool 13-08-18 11:53 AM

Where's Redreet in the league?

RedReet 13-08-18 09:38 PM

Didn't autorenew for me and last few weeks been a bit of nightmare at home, so barely got a chance to look at it. Hopefully back to work this week and get a bit of time to catch up.

Bender 13-08-18 09:58 PM

Same here .... joined up today

Buzzo 23-08-18 05:43 PM

Somehow I'm in 15th place in the East League, despite having not looked at my team since pre season, and having Du Bruyne in, so effectively playing with 10 men :haha:

I've interfered and made some changes now, so that will be the end of that.

Liverpool 24-08-18 01:47 PM

Sorely tempted to take Salah out. I know it will end badly but with everyone having him makes it boring.

ChesterDave 01-09-18 08:27 PM

Messed up today. Trued to put that Pereyra of Watford in and ended up putting in Pogba-Pogba. Cost me 4 points to make the swap straight away

Bender 15-09-18 04:41 PM

Hazard my Triple Captain

ChesterDave 29-09-18 11:37 AM

Arnautovic as captain this week. The obvious choice with such an easy game

MrMichael 27-06-19 08:34 PM

Next season's game has launched already!

RedReet 27-06-19 09:17 PM

Not much value in LFC squad. Keita maybe if he looks like a starter.

Quite a few bargains though in other teams.

Bender 28-06-19 08:04 AM


Originally Posted by MrMichael (Post 3566915)
Next season's game has launched already!


bradsdad 31-07-19 10:25 PM

Is EST having a league this year and if so how do you join it

elrichio86 05-08-19 11:26 AM

Could somebody post the league code please? I just get an error message using the one posted last year.

danperkins 05-08-19 08:03 PM

Nightmare to pick players this season... so many options!!

Rigadon 05-08-19 09:51 PM

Played for the first time last season. Ended with 2314 points (not sure if this would have been any good in the EST league). It was fun but I didnít enjoy wanting players from other teams (ie non Liverpool players in my FF team) to do well.

-V- 05-08-19 10:49 PM

New code = q8sexd

RedReet 06-08-19 08:32 AM

Would anybody be interested in joining the money league I run in work?

Last year there were 38 players and the prizes were £300/£200/£100 and £100/£30/£10 for overall and monthly prizes respectively. There were some bumper months such as December when monthly prizes were £150/£50/£30 and some of the monthlies were topped up towards the end of the season using the reserve fund.

Costs £10 to enter for overall prize and £5 per month for monthlies. All money paid in is paid out in prizes.

For the start of the season monthly prizes are capped at £100/£30/£10 and any extra money is kept in a reserve pot, so if players start dropping out the prizes money isn't affected. If there is money still in the reserve pot 2nd half of season and there are enough players still paying to keep prize money up, prizes are then topped up with reserve pot money (generally monthly prizes go up, but 2 years ago we also had £50 for manager of the week for the last day).

Prize money is totally dependent on how many players we have and how many continue to play throughout. A lot of staff have left our place in the last year, so we've lost a few regular players. I've had to recruit a few newbies and we should actually have more players than last year (37 currently), although I'm expecting more dropouts than usual as the season progresses.

More than half the players don't actually work here, so payments are made bank transfer or Paypal. Likewise winnings are paid out using the same method on the first working day after a game months finishes, if not sooner.

As much as I would want more money paid to the overall winner (as that's the point of the game), the monthly prizes are the main reason people join this league. It keeps it interesting if you don't get off to the best start and the occasional bumper prize keeps the casuals interested.

All communication is sent via email each month with exact details of how many people are playing and how many have paid, as well as the winners of course.

So if anybody is interested, drop me a PM. Would have to be a regular poster or someone who regularly joins the Est league, not some ringer who scours the Internet for random money leagues. :D

RedReet 06-08-19 08:36 AM

If the above post isn't allowed on here, delete it.

Just thought there will be some members out there like me that join online random leagues, that might be a bit more reassured sort of knowing the person running it.

poorscousertommy 07-08-19 01:19 PM

I'm in this year. Already paying for my work one or would consider it Redreet.

Sounds like yours would suit me better as I always fall away after forgetting a few weeks!

Shaggy 08-08-19 01:33 PM

Fucking hard this isn't it.

Dying to get Keita in cos I think he'll tear it up this season, but can't because we have to pick three from Salah, Mane, Trent, Robbo, VDV and Alisson :haha:

RedReet 08-08-19 01:39 PM

My first reaction when the game was reopened was that Keita is a great price. Now I'm fairly confident that he'll never be in my team no matter how well he does.

I hate the 3 player rule. :haha:

Angryred 15-08-19 01:31 PM

Can't be arsed with this anymore as really does take up a lot of my own time which I have better things to be doing with!
Hey, good luck with the competition though!

Rather do Last man standing or spot the ball types...

RedReet 08-10-19 07:31 AM

Nick Tanner number 1 in the world. :haha:

Used all his chips, but still...

red g 08-10-19 12:52 PM

Nicky Tanner is 54???? :jaw::jaw::jaw:

Pablo 10-10-19 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by red g (Post 3585029)
Nicky Tanner is 54???? :jaw::jaw::jaw:

I still remember going the game as a kid, excitedly opening up the centre-spread of my matchday program to see who the picture was and seeing it Nicky Tanner :shake:

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