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Buzzo 08-01-18 02:15 PM

2021 Tennis
Andy :rock:

Had the surgery and working to get back to the top. Great attitude as always.


Britain's Andy Murray has had hip surgery in Melbourne and says he hopes to be playing again in time for this summer's grass-court season.

The former world number one, 30, has not played a competitive match since he was knocked out of Wimbledon in July.

The ongoing problem forced the Scot to pull out of the Australian Open, which begins on 15 January.

"I'm not finished playing tennis yet. I'm going to be competing at the highest level again," he said.

"I'm very optimistic about the future - the surgeon is very happy about how it went."

Murray, a three-time Grand Slam champion, believes if he can return to 95% of his best, that will be enough for him to compete again at the top level.

He hopes he will be hitting balls on court again after seven or eight weeks, and has been given 14 weeks as a guide for a return from this kind of surgery.

But he said he is not "interested in coming back for a specific tournament".

"My plan is to be back playing around the grass-court season - potentially before then - but I'm certainly not going to rush anything," he said.

"I want to know when I come back that I'm ready."

'My hip will feel better than a year ago, when I was world number one'

Murray withdrew from the US Open two days before the start of the tournament in August last year, and said he realised he was not ready to compete in Brisbane last week when he tested his hip against other top-50 players.

"I want to come back when I'm fit and ready to play, not to get into a situation like in Brisbane or New York, where I'm unsure when I turn up at a tournament how fit I am," he said.

Murray has not played a competitive match since his Wimbledon quarter-final defeat by Sam Querrey on 12 July.

He said he first felt pain in his right hip during June's French Open semi-final against Stan Wawrinka, though he has had issues with it throughout his career.

"The surgeon felt that my hip will be feeling better than it did a year ago," Murray said. "Obviously, I was still doing fine a year ago - I was ranked number one in the world.

"I'm certainly not going to be putting in the same amount of tournaments and effort to try to get to number one in the world. I'll be playing a reduced schedule, and then focusing more on trying to win major events and big tournaments rather than trying to achieve certain ranking goals.

"I've been fairly competitive with top-50 players in the world in Brisbane when I'm struggling to move, and I made the quarter-finals at Wimbledon when I literally couldn't walk and was in so much pain.

"So if I can get myself to 95% of my best, I believe that's enough to compete at the highest level. No question.

"The rest of my body feels fantastic. I feel really, really good physically apart from this one issue. The surgery allows me to extend my hip well, and I'll be able to sprint."

'My daughter watching me play is motivating me'

Murray said it has been painful for him to walk since before Wimbledon. Though he has become accustomed to soreness in his hip, the pain he has had since last summer has had an impact on his day-to-day life.

It has also emerged that he had minor groin surgery on 18 December. That was successful in relieving some of the pain he had been experiencing, and was the reason for delaying his departure to Australia until after Christmas.

Should Murray's rehabilitation goes to plan, he will have been out of action for almost a year by the time he returns.

And he says he would like to play until eldest daughter Sophia, who was born in February 2016, is able to watch him and have "a small understanding of what it is I've done for my living".

"That would be cool if she can come along and watch me hit some balls or practise just to see what it is I do," he added.

"I like watching and seeing a lot of the other kids when they are on the tour with their parents."

Buzzo 18-01-18 10:12 AM

Jo Konta has hit the skids since her run at Wimbledon. Emptied out of the Bus Open by the World no 123.

This thread is testament to the power of Andy Murray and the void that will be left in British tennis when he eventually retires.

Having had the thrills and spills of following his progress typically deep into every Slam over the past 10-15 years, it is really difficult to get interested when he isn't playing.

Shaggy 22-01-18 10:57 AM

Chung a set and a break up against Djokovic

Shaggy 22-01-18 11:24 AM

Two sets down.

Changing of the guard?

labourRed 22-01-18 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by Shaggy (Post 3439705)
Two sets down.

Changing of the guard?

That's been said before e.g. when Kyrgios beat Rafa :D , but i have a feeling these greats have truly fucked their bodies and no small wonder given the way the game has gone and the battles they've been in.

RichC 22-01-18 12:49 PM

Makes Federer and Nadal all the more amazing that they're still both the top two players in the world really.

Since Djokovic completed the career slam his will to win seems to have diminished a bit be interesting to see if both him and Murray can return to their best.

RichC 23-01-18 07:41 AM

Kyle Edmunds beats Dimitrov to reach the semis.

Amazing effort

Buzzo 23-01-18 08:41 AM

Amazing result.

Nadal or Cilic in the semis.

Buzzo 23-01-18 09:04 AM

Also :rock:


The real Kyle Edmund

Russell Fuller
BBC tennis correspondent at Melbourne Park

He's a huge Liverpool fan and a petrol head - he's really into the Formula 1 and made an appearance at the Isle of Man TT (not driving).

Buzzo 23-01-18 10:24 AM

Edmund likely to face the same obstacles as Andy has had to, you can beat the rest, can you beat the best?

He will also likely have to take on Rafa and his myriad neurosis.

Buzzo 23-01-18 12:29 PM

Cilic a break up in the forth set looking to take it to 5 sets.

Buzzo 23-01-18 12:56 PM

Nadal suffering with injury.

I reckon he is about to give up in the 5th.

RichC 23-01-18 01:03 PM

Shame really he had to quit.

Buzzo 23-01-18 01:04 PM

Nadal quits.

Edmund v Cilic in the semis.

Buzzo 23-01-18 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by RichC (Post 3440389)
Shame really he had to quit.

Yeah, could barely walk.

Norbs 23-01-18 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by Buzzo (Post 3440390)
Nadal quits.

Edmund v Cilic in the semis.

Does he have a decent chance? It'll boil Murray's blood if an Englishman wins a major while he's still playing :haha:

Buzzo 23-01-18 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by Norbs (Post 3440465)
Does he have a decent chance? It'll boil Murray's blood if an Englishman wins a major while he's still playing :haha:

I reckon he has a chance, first semi so big nerves. Most likely Roger in the Final though.

RichC 23-01-18 05:37 PM

I think Cilic will be tired from that Nadal match regardless of the W/O in the fifth set. He's beaten a massive server in Anderson, seasoned pro in Seppi and world NO 3 tour final winner in Dimitrov so he certainly has a chance.

Will be tough as fuck mind.

Buzzo 25-01-18 10:55 AM

Edmund not looking out of place...

But needs to level and win the second set here.

Buzzo 26-01-18 11:04 AM

Chung retires v Federer.

Men’s tennis has an issue with this now. Nadal retired. Edmund clearly not 100%. Chung retired. Half the top players unfit or not playing.

Maybe men’s slams need to go to best of 3? If you think of Andy Murray’s first Wimbledon win that was straight sets and took nearly three hours.

labourRed 26-01-18 01:58 PM

Less games on tour would come first I reckon.

Anyway, I reckon Federer will get 20, which is a helluva achievement. :respect:

Buzzo 26-01-18 02:14 PM

It is.

But he won Wimbledon against an injured Cilic and got to the Aus final with a walkover.

If ever a guy didn’t require any additional help!

They definitely need to look at the number of mandatory games. On the tour, and for the good of the sport reduce them.

I hope Andy gets to have a Year when all the others are out injured..!

labourRed 26-01-18 02:30 PM

Best of three for the first week of the slam is what the missus just said to be and that's not a bad shout actually. It's a stupidly long season - something needs done.

Buzzo 26-01-18 02:48 PM

Yeah that’s not a bad shout :handshake:

2 weeks of best of 5 is incredibly harsh.

Buzzo 27-01-18 11:58 AM

Wozniaki battling hard for her first Slam.

RichC 27-01-18 12:02 PM

She’s got the yips a bit here. Neither of them have won a slam before, looks like it’ll be who can fall over the line first at the moment

Buzzo 27-01-18 12:17 PM

Back on serve after medical timeout. Yeah, going to come down to who wants it more and who can keep nerves out of it.

Cracking final though.

Both giving absolutely everything.

Buzzo 27-01-18 12:22 PM

Help serving to stay in it.

Wozniaka can go for it a bit here.

She's fitter and supports Liverpool, so I'm hoping the can get the win :haha:

Buzzo 27-01-18 12:24 PM


What a point. Championship point Wozniaka.

Buzzo 27-01-18 12:25 PM

She's done it.

Great effort. From both.

labourRed 27-01-18 12:40 PM

That umpire :jizz:

Jas 28-01-18 02:10 PM

Roger Federer, 20 Grand Slam titles, what an achievement.:respect::respect:

RichC 05-03-18 01:31 PM

Kyle Edmund the new British number 1 :haha:

Buzzo 05-03-18 04:32 PM

When was the last time it wasn’t Andy Murray must be about 13-14 years?

RichC 05-03-18 04:41 PM

2006 was when he first becomes British no 1. 12 years and only dropped off due to injury.

Nadal and Federer sort of stats really

Buzzo 05-03-18 06:39 PM

He will definitely take some replacing as a figurehead for British tennis. I hope he stays around for a good 4-5 years yet.

Buzzo 29-03-18 12:24 PM

Andy Murray announces his comeback pre Wimbledon.

Tennis has been dull without him.

Lecter 16-05-18 10:33 AM

My eldest daughter played her first match in the adult league on Monday :clap:

Shes 12 :respect:

Fredo 30-05-18 10:00 PM


RichC 10-06-18 05:23 PM

Nadal cruises to yet another French open.

2006 was the first time Nadal shared the last 6 majors, 2018 and they’ve shared the last six majors. Unbelievable from the pair of them

Buzzo 16-06-18 12:48 PM

Andy due back for Queens Club :rock:

Tennis has been dull as shit without him. I hope his hip holds out.

Don’t expect him to do much at Wimbledon but it will be great to see him back on court.

Norbs 17-06-18 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by RichC (Post 3480254)
Nadal cruises to yet another French open.

2006 was the first time Nadal shared the last 6 majors, 2018 and theyíve shared the last six majors. Unbelievable from the pair of them

Who'd have thought Nadal's body would outlast the other 3

Scratch 18-06-18 01:42 PM


Originally Posted by Norbs (Post 3482214)
Who'd have thought Nadal's body would outlast the other 3

Other 3? Murray, Djokovic and ? Not sure if you can include Federer, I don't think it's his body he is preserving, just his unwillingness to compete on a surface that takes more out of a player, energy wise, than the others (and one that he knows he cannot compete with Nadal at). At 37, it seems a sensible approach that is working well for him.

Buzzo 19-06-18 09:17 AM

Andy Murray back on court today after almost 12 months, playing an inform Kyrgios. I don’t think he will win, but it is great to have him back.

Shaggy 19-06-18 10:50 AM

Yeah I can't see him winning either. Be interesting to see how he goes.

Buzzo 19-06-18 11:43 AM

Whatever happens today, I hope this is a step towards him competing at the top level. Lots of people I speak to at Tennis reckon he is stuffed and that he will never compete again at his previous levels given the type of injury he suffered. Even Andy is talking about mixing it up and playing more serve volley. He might get away with Serve Volkey at Wimbledon, but I can’t see anyone winning a Slam with serve volkey only.

There will be a chasm in British sport without him, and I am not ready to give up just yet.

Shaggy 19-06-18 12:05 PM

It's shit isn't it :sigh:

Buzzo 19-06-18 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Shaggy (Post 3482734)
It's shit isn't it :sigh:

:handshake: I canít think about it, itís too upsetting. :haha:

He is close to the top, of not right at the pinnacle of my all time favourite sporting heroís.

He has had to fight so hard for everything he has won and just deserves so much more.

He is an inspiration.

Buzzo 19-06-18 04:09 PM

Solid deuce win on his first service game for Andy. He is moving well so far.

Kyrgios is serving huge. 1-1.

Buzzo 19-06-18 04:38 PM

Good match - Murray doing much better than I imagined so far. Looks really sharp, and fit.

Usual box of tricks from Kyrgios. If he ever sorts it out in his head he is almost unplayable.

Buzzo 19-06-18 04:39 PM

4-2 Murray breaks.

Kyrgios stopped hitting second serves bizarrely and ended up double faulting. He is a maniac :haha:

RichC 19-06-18 04:40 PM

His attitude is fucking appalling

Buzzo 19-06-18 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by RichC (Post 3482841)
His attitude is fucking appalling

What is he doing?

He was playing really well? I don't understand it at all. Murray is the consummate pro, just ignoring it all and grinding out the games.

I'm not buying that he is injured.

Buzzo 19-06-18 04:46 PM

First set to Andy :rock:

Who knows what is going on with Kyrgios? I thought he was playing really well - he has just switched off. Which is doing Murrays performance a disservice... Some of the returns from Andy are incredible.


labourRed 19-06-18 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Buzzo (Post 3482843)
What is he doing?

He was playing really well? I don't understand it at all. Murray is the consummate pro, just ignoring it all and grinding out the games.

I'm not buying that he is injured.

He does it again and again. :haha:

Of course he isn't injured, he just doesn't give a fuck! :D

Buzzo 19-06-18 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by labourRed (Post 3482846)
He does it again and again. :haha:

Of course he isn't injured, he just doesn't give a fuck! :D

But he was giving a fuck, ish... His serves are 130+mph when in. He just has some bizarre battles in his mind. He didn't like the crowd 'ooohing' him smack a ball into the net, and lost his way.

He has also played 3 'tweeners' and put one smash away with a pirouette.

Kyrgios breaks.

Buzzo 19-06-18 05:18 PM

I am genuinely amazed at how well Andy is playing after a year out.

He looks good to go. Returning well. Running well. Winning rally's. He got to the semi final of Wimbledon last year on one leg so anything is possible.

Will be interesting to see how he recovers if he wins. 4-4 in the second set.

Buzzo 19-06-18 05:40 PM

1 set all.

Decent match Kyrgios takes the second in a TB.

Buzzo 19-06-18 06:53 PM

Kyrgios wins in three.

Long match Murray looked fucked by the end. Kyrgios as enigmatic as ever.

Shaggy 25-06-18 06:53 PM

What a win for Murray, straight sets over Wawrinka.

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