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Shaggy 06-11-20 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by Buzzo (Post 3667863)
:haha: Iíd say equal amounts. I can always remember you posting about how much you love Andy on here. And recall posting through the night when he won the US - thatíll be on here somewhere!

Itís really good isnít it :handshake:

I was just re-reading the quote to remind myself his answer to Ďwhy does tennis mean so much to youí. And when you know the answer and then watch the roar after the likes of that shot vs Gasquet it makes a lot of sense. He has an inner rage.

When he explains about his brother moving away it breaks your heart a little bit knowing heís been through Dunblane and then his parents splitting.

I think weíve all suffered watching Andy over the years, but thatís why the celebrations mean so much more when he achieved something and won titles and slams, and olympics and Davis cups.

When you really like someone in sport and watch them fail and the. Succeed itís an amazing feeling. A bit like a certain team we all follow.


spud_gun 19-01-21 10:05 AM

The Aussie Government must be getting close to the point of telling the Tennis players to 'do one' and cancelling the Australian Open.

2 more positive tests confirmed amongst those flown in for the tournament.

RichC 19-01-21 03:15 PM

Djokovic covering himself in glory again :sigh: blokes a moron.

RichC 22-01-21 06:49 PM

Murray out of the Australian open.

Buzzo 04-02-21 03:44 PM

I managed to organise this for my aunt who is 83 and was diagnosed with Termjnal cancer last April.

She played tennis at club level to that point and used to have to keep quiet about her age as she thought they would go easy on her when they knew she was 80! She is and has always been an inspiration in my lifetime, so it was great to do something that made her so happy.

She walks three - four miles a day and we see her pass my house and have put messages up for her in the window. I am confident she he is going to live long past her initial diagnosis.

By all accounts she was in tears of joy upon seeing this :hug:

All organised by the Hibs Community team my son plays for, which as a Hearts supporter leaves me feeling quite compromised. (I’d hoped they’d supply video so I had to quickly put something together when supplied with an audio file).

Shaggy 04-02-21 03:54 PM

That's magic mate

Buzzo 04-02-21 04:19 PM

I'm trying to attract as much positive karma as I possibly can!

Buzzo 12-05-21 05:33 PM

Shaggy 13-05-21 10:42 AM


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