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Pablo 16-07-12 02:05 PM

Tiger paired with Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose. Cracking group that!

Donald's also in a good group with Mickleson :rock: and Ogilvy.

McIlroy paired with Louis Oosthuizen and Keegan Bradley.

Westwood's got Bubba Watson :rock: and Yoshinori Fujimoto.


Shaggy 17-07-12 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by Pablo1981 (Post 2364072)
I also notice in the field:

Matthew Baldwin :source:

250/1 :D

He's a Red too :haha::rock:

Shaggy 19-07-12 11:45 AM

Tiger's tearing it up, -4 thru 7 :rock:

Rose & Kaymer having mares at +4.

I've backed Hunter Mahan at 50/1 :rock:

RichC 19-07-12 11:48 AM

did you see his 1 iron shot earlier? Hit it further than Rose who took a driver.

Tiger looks very much in the mood :rock:

Pablo 19-07-12 11:59 AM

Not been able to pay this enough attention so far :rant:

Woods is killing it right now though. If the wind stays this calm he might walk this.

Pablo 19-07-12 12:02 PM

I see Matthew Baldwin has already posted a 69 :haha::rock:

Gingawaria 19-07-12 12:22 PM

Absolutely rammed in St Annes today, took me the best part of an hour to do a journey that normally only takes me 10 minutes.

Pablo 19-07-12 12:49 PM

Adam Scott and his cheating putter now at -7. Thought this course was meant to be unplayable :eyebrow:

Gingawaria 19-07-12 01:26 PM

Scott drops a shot at the 18th to finish -6 still a hell of a round from him.

Shaggy 19-07-12 01:55 PM

Why is Barry Lane playing in The Open? :haha:

Pablo 19-07-12 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by Shaggy (Post 2366551)
Why is Barry Lane playing in The Open? :haha:

He qualified at St Annes Old Links:

Chipped in for an eagle 3 on the final hole to scrape through :D

Norbs 20-07-12 04:45 PM

Was it Snedeker that Didi tipped a couple of days ago?

Woods looks in the zone, will Brandt play as well knowing he's looking over his shoulder on days 3 and 4? Wood's aim will to be in the 2nd or 3rd groups at worst, within earshot of the leaders

Gingawaria 21-07-12 04:32 PM

Is anyone else a bit pissed off with the BBC commentary? Other than Peter Alliss, it's wank, loads of little sly digs at certain players, Woods in particular.

Shaggy 22-07-12 09:53 AM

I can't stand Peter Allis.

The other day he said to his co-commentator about Masters champion Bubba Watson "Have you seen much of this fellow?"

He's an arrogant, senile old duffer these days. Like the BBC football pundits he seems to think research is beneath him....a pure golf snob.

paulg 22-07-12 10:04 AM

BBC seems to think they are bigger than any sport, F1 excepted. Commentators are cushy, arrogant and ignorant. Really pisses me off.

Shaggy 22-07-12 10:06 AM

Yep, old boys network in most sports at the Beeb.

Sky's golf team are excellent.

Chazza 22-07-12 11:06 AM

So Adam Scott to hold it together today?

Chazza 22-07-12 11:07 AM

PGA Tour Golf thread
Tevez caddying for some fella

Norbs 22-07-12 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by Chazza1978 (Post 2368545)
Tevez caddying for some fella

Romero apparently. Commentator said that they 'weren't taking it seriously'. Romero carded 12 over... :haha:

RichC 22-07-12 03:48 PM

Tiger taking a 7 on a par 4, challenge over by the looks of it.

RichC 22-07-12 03:57 PM

Adam Scott 280 yards with a 4 iron! fucking hell, thats insane

Harv 22-07-12 04:10 PM

Tigers about to start crying i think :haha: Love it when he gets pissed off :rock:

Chazza 22-07-12 05:35 PM

Steady stuff from Scott

RichC 22-07-12 05:38 PM

good on Adam Scott, very good player and if he holds on deserves this major

Shaggy 22-07-12 05:47 PM

I must've backed Scott five times to win a major FFS. Great player though, his swing is immaculate and I love watching him throw the kitchen sink at his drives.

Chazza 22-07-12 05:54 PM

Well it was steady from Scott but 2 dropped shots now over the last 2 holes

Shaggy 22-07-12 05:56 PM

Loving 'GMac' fucking it up. You can shove your 'go low' shit up your arse you egomaniacal cunt!

CJ 22-07-12 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by Shaggy (Post 2368893)
Loving 'GMac' fucking it up. You can shove your 'go low' shit up your arse you egomaniacal cunt!

You despise him don't you

Shaggy 22-07-12 05:58 PM

Ernie!!! :rock:

Chazza 22-07-12 05:58 PM

Oh Hello

Lovely putt from Ernie and the lead is down to 1

RichC 22-07-12 05:59 PM

cracking final putt from Els

CJ 22-07-12 06:03 PM

Well 1 is a bit different.

Come on ernie

RichC 22-07-12 06:05 PM


Love to see Ernie win this (still think Scott will hold on)

Chazza 22-07-12 06:08 PM

3 bogeys in a row looking shakey now is Scott

Shaggy 22-07-12 06:08 PM

Amazed Scott's blown this.

CJ 22-07-12 06:11 PM

In the bunker

Chazza 22-07-12 06:12 PM

Unbelievable this he looked so good and now is probably going to need a putt to take it to a play off

Shaggy 22-07-12 06:12 PM

Els is gonna win The Open, amazing.

Shaggy 22-07-12 06:13 PM

It's unreal what pressure can do.

CJ 22-07-12 06:14 PM

He must be gutted now

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