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Paddy 28-02-13 08:20 PM

Jim'll Paint It.

Kenneth 28-02-13 08:40 PM

And why not. :)

Fivex 28-02-13 08:55 PM

This is completely immense

Woobus 28-02-13 09:19 PM

Lol one of the best sites for a long time, that Brian Blessed one is still making me chuckle after 20 minutes.

Fivex 28-02-13 09:36 PM


Dear Jim,

Please paint me Morrissey eating a horse.



:haha: :haha: :haha:

Tee 01-03-13 01:13 AM

:haha: :haha:

Red_Polo 01-03-13 08:07 PM

Supoib :haha:

Woobus 01-03-13 08:32 PM

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His latest Jesus attacking Hitlers bunker is mind blowing.

Lee 02-03-13 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by Fivex (Post 2586818)

:haha: :haha: :haha:

Fivex 22-03-13 10:06 AM



Dear Jim,

Please paint me a long queue of Leonard Nimoys standing in line to inflate Russell Brand's head. There is a foot-pump in front of Brand, and the nozzle is in his mouth; he looks frightened but determined. The Nimoys are paying 50p a pump, and judging by the size of Brand's distended and perilously-stretched head, and the pile of coins in the bathtub next to him (in which Anne Widdecombe is reclining wearing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' suit) they've been at it quite a while. This is all happening in the foyer of the Westfield shopping centre; a protective tarpaulin has been laid on the ground, and painted on the bathtub are the words 'For Comic Relief'.


Tee 22-03-13 11:30 AM

:haha: :haha:

These are fantastic!!

PTP 09-09-13 03:50 PM

Bit slow in work so thought i'd revisit this site :haha:

The Chuckle Brothers recreating the pottery scene from Ghost only the pot is the Lionel Richie head from the Hello video

Boogs 27-02-15 08:12 PM


Can you please paint Margaret Thatcher dressed as a Valkyrie, riding an enormous penis with wings through a thunderstorm for no reason other than I think it would be an incredibly powerful image.

red g 27-02-15 09:37 PM

Wayne Rooney trying to peel a potato

EwarWoo 28-02-15 05:06 AM


Muddled 28-02-15 10:14 AM

Can you paint me Paul Daniels on his stag night in his home town Middlesbrough? He is dressed as Wonder Woman and handcuffed to a dwarf in a tuxedo who is slightly taller than him. The only other person on the stag is Louis Theroux in a Bananaman costume. They are standing in the rain having just been ejected from a nightclub and Paul looks both geographically and spiritually lost.

ChesterDave 11-03-15 09:01 PM

Hi Jim. Can you paint the episode of The X-Files where it's revealed that all of the paranormal goings on in the rest of the series were an elaborate hoax staged by none other than Jeremy Beadle. Cheers, Howard Lyons




Love it

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