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Howard_lfc 06-11-06 10:59 PM

my favourite ko of all time

Maestro 06-11-06 11:19 PM

Geeee! That was one hell of a shot...:jaw:

joyno 06-11-06 11:21 PM


Originally Posted by Howard_lfc
my favourite ko of all time

it's not mine :sigh: i had graham ahead in that fight thought he was excellent until a down and out jackson decided to swing a 5 iron and herol's time had gone forever.:miffed: did you know that graham used to spar with his hands tied behind his back sometimes to demonstrate how hard he was to hit, its a pity he didn't practice being hard when he got hit.

Hollowman 07-11-06 12:08 AM

Herol just didn't have that one decent shot in his arsenal that would have made him an all timer. He floored The Bodysnatcher in their title fight too, but couldn't finish him. And he was shitting on Brewer, had him down twice. Same old story.

spud_gun 07-11-06 12:16 AM

Not a World of Warcraft thread then? :eyebrow:

Fiddy 07-11-06 02:22 AM


Originally Posted by Howard_lfc
my favourite ko of all time

For some reason one Johnny Nelson KO sticks in my was a few years back, the fight was dragging on and suddenly from nowhere BANG he knocked the guy sparko. Can't remember who the poor bastard was tho

Howard_lfc 07-11-06 08:23 AM

*To compound things for Graham - he was ahead on points and Jackson was cut and I'm pretty sure it was only the third or fourth round. THe ref went to Jacksons corner and told him he had one round left and the rest is history.

*I haven't googled this so forgive minor inaccuracies :handshake:

Paul.S 07-11-06 09:43 AM

Pffff. didn't even use my new media plugin... *grumbles*

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