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red evil kenevil 11-06-11 10:43 PM

Anyone watching david price tonight ss1 love him to go all the way and get a shot at the belt most under rated heavy weight imo, lots of potential and a scouser :handshake:

red g 11-06-11 11:22 PM

Great fight on undercard

red evil kenevil 12-06-11 12:00 AM

decent card red, and main fight price is on his way mate belter knockout folded him like an ironing bourd

Chazza 17-03-12 07:03 PM

Should be good tonight


Dave Clark ‏ @DaveClarkTV
#Boxing - line up tonight from 9 - Proksa v Hope live - Then Carl Frampton followed by Brook v Hatton. then to NYC for Martinez v Macklin.

Dave Clark ‏ @DaveClarkTV
#Boxing - Macklin earliest ring walk 2.30am - All action on Sky Sport 1 HD and Sky 3D. Guests include the Prince, The Hitman and The Cobra.
Frampton Brook and Martinez to do the business

Gibbo 17-03-12 07:07 PM

Aye, I really wanted to watch this, problem is I committed to go to our lasses mam and dads 'party' for mothers day as I refused to let them come round tomorrow as we are on tele.

Her dad is dead against fighting sports for some reason, so convincing him to put this on will be fun :D.

Tee 18-03-12 02:07 AM

Kell Brook fight was a bit of an anti-climax. He won comfortably but it was a bit of a stuttery performance.

Sky doing there best to keep the hype machine in overdrive for their new boxing darling with their ridiculous positive spin on the fight.

red g 18-03-12 08:29 PM

Prince Naseem is a right pie shop now.

Thought Kell Brook looked very good and fair play to Macklin gave it his all but Martinez had to much for him

Shaggy 18-03-12 08:39 PM

The hype they somehow whipped up for the Brook Hatton fight was a joke. I saw it described as "a well-promoted mismatch" and that's exactly what it was. Hatton's fucking rubbish.

Gibbo 18-03-12 08:41 PM

Aye, they made them look like they are fighters of identical talent when they really aren't, Hattons got a lot of heart but Ricky he is not. Brook schooled him and I think that kid is going to make it big.

red g 18-03-12 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by Shaggy (Post 2248345)
The hype they somehow whipped up for the Brook Hatton fight was a joke. I saw it described as "a well-promoted mismatch" and that's exactly what it was. Hatton's fucking rubbish.

Bang on. Naseem called it when interviewed.......totally outclassed and anyone with an ounce of boxing knowledge knew this would be the case.

red g 18-03-12 09:28 PM

Honourable mention to Hope as well, fair play to him.....gave it his all as a last moment replacement and beat Proksa.

Deserved his moment although dont think he is as good as a few others in that division.

Shaggy 18-03-12 09:46 PM

Cracking fight that was.

Daniel 7 18-03-12 10:35 PM

Hatton is so ordinary it was a stroke of masterpiece getting so many people interested in this fight. Never mind the Sky coverage, the venue was packed out as well - to effectively watch a chump being outclassed to boost the prospect's profile for future fights.


Chazza 14-04-12 05:48 PM

Fury is fighting tonight Channel 5 at 10pm

Chazza 14-04-12 10:44 PM

Another win for Fury.

I hope he fights Price soon

spud_gun 14-04-12 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by Chazza1978 (Post 2273585)
Another win for Fury.

I hope he fights Price soon

errrr he's not going to fight Price.

He vacated and fought Rogan instead of Price as his mandatory.

Chazza 14-04-12 10:53 PM


Originally Posted by spud_gun (Post 2273589)
errrr he's not going to fight Price.

He vacated and fought Rogan instead of Price as his mandatory.

I know but I would love to see Price take him apart

Chazza 14-04-12 11:21 PM

Early days for Eubank Jnr but he looks pretty good

spud_gun 19-04-12 02:05 PM

Froch vs Bute on Sky Sports (normal not PPV) :rock:

Shaggy 27-04-12 07:43 PM

Anyone watching Bellew tonight? :rock:

Daniel 7 27-04-12 07:48 PM

A quelle heure?

Shaggy 27-04-12 07:50 PM

Programme starts at 10.

Darth Marty 27-04-12 09:13 PM

ill be watching, should be a good scrap

Shaggy 27-04-12 10:36 PM

McIntosh is way out of his depth here

Shaggy 27-04-12 10:45 PM

BOOM! :haha:

Felt a bit sorry for that other lad, hopeless. Bellew was good though.

Imy 27-04-12 10:48 PM

That was some finish.

Bellew was just too good.

Daniel 7 27-04-12 11:13 PM

Bellew did well - the D-Mac was trying to give it the "not hurting me mate" but he was destroyed.

I never saw the Cleverley v Bellew fight - was that a close one? Bellew was impressive tonight and I've never been that impressed with Cleverley. Not surprised that Cleverley was knocking him back on the rematch.

Shaggy 27-04-12 11:28 PM

Anyone still watching? Got a young lad in his 2nd fight taking on journeyman Johnny Greaves, his 82nd fight, think he's lost 70 of em :haha:

Anyway this Greaves is an absolute clown, he's the first fighter I've seen who concentrates more on comedy than fighting.

Craig_H 27-04-12 11:37 PM

When was the Greaves fight on? Just tuned in and it's Burton vs Studzinski. :confused:

Shaggy 27-04-12 11:40 PM

Greaves just finished, this Studzinski turned pro at 35 and has lost 6 out of 7 :haha:

Craig_H 27-04-12 11:43 PM

Just rewound my box to the greaves v cardle fight. Looking forward to the comedy show :haha:

Craig_H 27-04-12 11:45 PM

Greaves mouthing off one second and being smacked in the gob the next :haha:

Craig_H 27-04-12 11:46 PM

Tripped over the advertising hoarding :haha:

Shaggy 28-04-12 01:05 AM


Nathan Cleverly ‏ @NathanClev
I thought Bellew was exceptional tonight, the re-match is inevitable! Whether its the next fight or not, its gonna happen . . . .

Tee 28-04-12 12:04 PM

Bellew was very impressive indeed. A re-match now with Cleverly could be a classic.

Daniel 7 28-04-12 12:46 PM

He looked better than I've ever seen Cleverley. He seems to be all hype from what I've seen, but I might be wrong.

marcus50bucks 29-04-12 09:54 AM

I couldn't be arsed staying up to watch the Hopkins v Dawson fight so I recorded it and watched it first thing this morning. It was the usual procedure with Hopkins, holding, headbutts etc. Dawson kept his composure though, his strength and speed was the difference. He rightly won the fight but I will never know how one judge scored it 114-114. Seriously some of the scoring recently have been farcical.

Dawson now said he is willing to fight Andre ward. He would even fight him at catchweight. :handshake:

Chazza 18-05-12 03:13 PM


Fraser Dainton ‏@SkySportsFraser
David Price weighs in 17st 7.5 lbs. Sam sexton weighs in 16st 4.5 lbs. British heavyweight title fight live on Skysports HD1 after CL final.
Quite light for Sexton that

Shaggy 19-05-12 11:53 PM

David Price, fucking hell.

Chris 19-05-12 11:54 PM

He's got brutal, brutal power.

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