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Helios Creed 09-01-18 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Darkon (Post 3435365)
No, Rafa were there in 2010 we got Coutinho in 2013 - but someone had the
correct answer for you a bit earlier :haha: :D

I knew he had something to do with it... I'm getting old. :haha:

RedReet 09-01-18 10:50 PM

Just watching Press Box. Forgot how good this goal was. :cry:

EwarWoo 09-01-18 10:59 PM

Stop wallowing ya gret sook.

Darkon 10-01-18 09:56 AM

According to Spanish paper el periodico, Barcelona the add ons for Coutinho are:
  • 5M after 25 games
  • 20M after 100 games
  • 5M for CL qualification (Max. 10M)
  • 5M if Barcelona wins the CL with Coutinho in the team

all prices in Euro!

Seems like reasonable and actual achievable add ons. At least 15m are guarenteed, and the 20M for 100 games seems very likely as well unless he somehow flops or get a serious injury.

Kenneth 10-01-18 09:57 AM

Should probably get the full whack then.

Assassin 10-01-18 09:59 AM

You can forget them winning the CL again ;)

Shaggy 10-01-18 11:05 AM


Rodgers: "He sent me a nice text the other day when he was arriving in Barcelona. It said 'Brendan, I want to thank you as I arrive in Barcelona - you helped make me the player I am today'. He is a great young guy, he was never a moment's problem for me. He was a magical player to work with and a beautiful human being."

Kenneth 10-01-18 11:07 AM

:haha: was never going to miss the chance to make sure everyone knew.

Beautiful human being :haha:

McDermotX 10-01-18 11:09 AM


"beautiful human being"

It almost is something he'd come out with

Shaggy 10-01-18 11:11 AM

He said it about Kolo :D


Not a direct comparison in big Kolo's case - simply a smacker of a compliment about the former Liverpool defender's overall personality.

Rodgers lavished praise on the Ivorian when he arrived at Celtic Park in August and was in no mood to hold back as he dubbed the 35-year-old "a beautiful, beautiful human being".

Toure has already endured the highest of highs after a man-of-the-match performance against Manchester City - and the lowest of lows in a horrid night against Borussia Monchengladbach. After the latter Brendan dubbed the veteran a "warrior".

He said: “This will hurt Kolo but he is also a warrior as well.

“He is a guy who is very mentally tough and he will recover from this.”

McDermotX 10-01-18 11:14 AM

Oh I remember..........:haha:

FWIW......don't ever have a personal correspondence with Brendan Rodgers, unless you want it announced all over the media.

Phoenix07 10-01-18 11:14 AM

He also said about Suarez, 'he is one of the most beautiful men you can come across'.

Assassin 11-01-18 11:05 AM

Barcelona have just signed him a new friend, 10.5m Colombia international Yerry Mina from Palmeiras

RedReet 11-01-18 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by Assassin (Post 3436283)
Barcelona have just signed him a new friend, 10.5m Colombia international Yerry Mina from Palmeiras

EwarWoo 11-01-18 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by Assassin (Post 3436283)
Yerry Mina

Is that Portugese for Merry New Year?

Shaggy 14-01-18 09:23 PM

:haha: Fuck off Phil :haha:

Norbs 14-01-18 09:31 PM

Hope someone catches the cunts

BigChief 14-01-18 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by Norbs (Post 3437770)
Hope someone catches the cunts


Shaggy 14-01-18 09:59 PM

Haha fair play

ChesterDave 15-01-18 12:35 AM

Real certainly won't

McDermotX 26-01-18 03:22 AM

No goals or assists. You're shit mate ! :crackoff:

Tee 26-01-18 02:38 PM

He is different class, miss him so much :cry:

Bloodraven 28-01-18 07:43 PM

First start for Barca tonight.

Liverpool 28-01-18 09:09 PM


Buzzo 28-01-18 09:39 PM

Barca 1-0 down at HT on Phils debut.

Liverpool 28-01-18 10:01 PM

shunted to the right wing in a 442, no joy cutting inside, Messi/Suarez blocking his runs into the middle, enjoy Phil :rock:

Norbs 28-01-18 10:01 PM

Good. Hope they fold

Liverpool 28-01-18 10:08 PM


Originally Posted by Norbs (Post 3441810)
Good. Hope they fold

not whilst they still owe most of the fee :D

Liverpool 28-01-18 10:09 PM

subbed off, shite

foresterbloke 28-01-18 10:11 PM

Haha shite debut.

Buzzo 28-01-18 10:12 PM

Gets the hook.

foresterbloke 28-01-18 10:13 PM

Suarez should have scored there! haha

Chris 28-01-18 10:13 PM

Nothing player, nothing club. Once the GOAT is done it’s back to nothingness for these.

Kenneth 28-01-18 10:49 PM

They did alright without him, won 2-1

Norbs 28-01-18 11:02 PM

Did they improve after he was withdrawn?

Red_Polo 28-01-18 11:19 PM


Originally Posted by Norbs (Post 3441823)
Did they improve after he was withdrawn?


Unfortunately we didn't

Liverpool 28-01-18 11:38 PM

McDermotX 28-01-18 11:43 PM

Jesus !

Watch your back Phil !

shanks69 08-02-18 10:47 PM

Juat got his 1st goal for barca v velencia.

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Shaggy 08-02-18 10:55 PM

Suarez to Coutinho

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