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PTP 09-04-17 11:51 PM

Cmon Sergio one more big fucking smack down the middle

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:53 PM

Great drive.

PTP 09-04-17 11:53 PM


ChesterDave 09-04-17 11:54 PM

4 days in and it's a basically left to a 1 hole pitch and putt competition!

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:59 PM

Pressure on Sergio.

PTP 09-04-17 11:59 PM

Stuffy cunt

PTP 09-04-17 11:59 PM

Sergio lad

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:59 PM


What a response.

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:00 AM

What a shot under pressure!

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:00 AM

Reckon Sergio might have a putt to win it.

PTP 10-04-17 12:03 AM

Come on Sergio now or never

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:04 AM

My heart is racing. Fuck knows what his must be like.

PTP 10-04-17 12:04 AM


Buzzo 10-04-17 12:04 AM


Buzzo 10-04-17 12:09 AM

Sergio deserved it for that second shot.

How does he regroup?

PTP 10-04-17 12:12 AM

Yeah it's going to be uphill from here for him!! What a fucking chance but bottled the sky team have just said I'd fear for him, if doesn't win now I don't think he'll ever win

Rose will be bouncing, he thought he'd lost so he will be quite relaxed in comparison

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:19 AM

Jammy little fucker

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:20 AM

Advantage Sergio

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:21 AM

Another great drive from Sergio.

Rose has a slightly more challenging shot, got a bit lucky there. Again.

PTP 10-04-17 12:21 AM

Yeah he's had a bit of luck rose, bounce into 18 and then that was a terrible drive that he might get away with!

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:22 AM

Tricky looking shot for Rose actually.

labourRed 10-04-17 12:24 AM

Didn't get away with it. Great chance now.

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:24 AM

Big advantage Sergio.

How's your nerve?

PTP 10-04-17 12:24 AM

Surely now Sergio middle of green

PTP 10-04-17 12:24 AM

Great shot come on lad

Will be gutted for rose but fucking made up for garcia

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:25 AM

His to lose now. Rose needs to inside 10 foot

PTP 10-04-17 12:25 AM

Fucking hell bet u rose holes

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:26 AM

Neither deserve to lose, but Sergio deserves this.

He still might need a putt though.

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:26 AM

Rose basically needs to putt this to stay alive.

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:29 AM

Surely now Sergio.

PTP 10-04-17 12:29 AM

Two outs for it now or never haha

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:29 AM

2 putts to win. Pressure off a bit. In 1?

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:30 AM


Leyton388 10-04-17 12:31 AM

Long long overdue major for Sergio. Superb.

PTP 10-04-17 12:35 AM

Ducking buzzing for him

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:35 AM

He played the 18th superbly twice there.

First putt to win it was way easier than the play off one.

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:50 AM

What a great interview from Sergio.

Chazza 10-04-17 12:56 AM

Willett looked happier than when he won it.

Buzzo 10-04-17 01:08 AM


He's got a mate now.

Sergio golf from the 14th where he got Eagle was incredible.

labourRed 10-04-17 01:10 AM

That eagle iron shot was incredible.

Delighted for him. Rose will get the Jacket at some point if not a few.

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