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Buzzo 09-04-17 08:45 PM

The Masters 2017
Is Sergio going to finally do it?

He has a 2 shot lead having scored 2 birdies in the first 3 holes. It's very early stages though.

PTP 09-04-17 08:55 PM

Well he's got off to a great start! Would love him to do it!

In order for me I'd want Garcia-rose-fowler-anyone else-spieth

Buzzo 09-04-17 08:59 PM

Yeah, I'd love to see Sergio win it.

He looks in the zone so far. Rose drops a shot giving Sergio a 3 shot lead.

PTP 09-04-17 09:16 PM

Yeah Rose has a major, Sergio has been a great pro and character in the game, deserves a major....only concern is his bottle...he's a very emotional player and if it gets to him he makes mistakes

Buzzo 09-04-17 09:35 PM

He looks pretty pumped up.

He needs his Ryder Cup head on, where he manages to use his emotions to better his ga,e.

Couple of amazing shots on the thirteenth there.

PTP 09-04-17 09:42 PM

Poor par that for Sergio...rose right back at him

Buzzo 09-04-17 09:47 PM

I can't believe that Charlie Hoffman is only 40.

I'm older than him FFS - he looks ancient.

PTP 09-04-17 10:05 PM

Nightmare shot there from Sergio he could be in real shit there

PTP 09-04-17 10:06 PM

If he can somehow make a bogey and just get off the hole and forget about it/focus

Buzzo 09-04-17 10:17 PM

Sergio wobbling.

PTP 09-04-17 10:30 PM

Yeah it was always the worry and it's the reason he's never won a the ability but just seems to get a bit emotional and bottles it...

Wouldn't be surprised to see him short and wet on 12

PTP 09-04-17 10:49 PM

Garcia all over the shop

Buzzo 09-04-17 10:52 PM

He takes too many risks doesn't he? Rose is playing sensible golf.

PTP 09-04-17 10:59 PM

I'm not so sure that it's risks he takes, just think he gets a bit jerky under pressure which means he ends up in all kinds of trouble

He's going to have to go for it now tho...2 behind with five to play...he's had three/four poor holes so just has to hope that's out his system and he's got to make two/three birdies and a couple pars to get at rose

PTP 09-04-17 11:01 PM

Rose is just too cool/in the zone....he doesn't look like a man who will bottle it so for me Sergio has to turn this round and produce something special

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:02 PM

Some par from Sergio given that tee shot.

Rose misses a chance there.

Game on still.

PTP 09-04-17 11:08 PM

Now it could be game on

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:12 PM


Sergio has settled down a bit. Some shot that.

PTP 09-04-17 11:14 PM

Next tee shot massive for Garcia after making a birdie...has to hit middle of fairway and not get to jerky/excited

PTP 09-04-17 11:15 PM

Perfect Sergio here we go

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:15 PM

Yep, stay out of the trees.

He's swinging well now.

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:22 PM

Sergio in the zone now.

What a shot that was.

PTP 09-04-17 11:23 PM

What a shot that was by Garcia bit unlucky to hit the flag!!

PTP 09-04-17 11:23 PM

Would fucking love him to hole his eagle putt

PTP 09-04-17 11:26 PM


Buzzo 09-04-17 11:27 PM

This is going to be great.

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:28 PM

How does Sergio stay cool after that though?

PTP 09-04-17 11:29 PM

It's great that it's too good Europeans as well, like them both! Be made up for either, would love it to be Sergio but more than happy for rose also

PTP 09-04-17 11:29 PM

What a tee shot!

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:30 PM


Pretty cool.

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by PTP (Post 3358889)
It's great that it's too good Europeans as well, like them both! Be made up for either, would love it to be Sergio but more than happy for rose also

:handshake: Nice that they are chatting away in the heat of battle.

PTP 09-04-17 11:33 PM

Yeah going to be a hell of finish this

PTP 09-04-17 11:35 PM

Nooooo sergio

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:35 PM

Advantage Rose.

red g 09-04-17 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by PTP (Post 3358889)
It's great that it's too good Europeans as well, like them both! Be made up for either, would love it to be Sergio but more than happy for rose also

:handshake: quells the stupid chants for the Americans.

PTP 09-04-17 11:40 PM

Yeah I'd be struggling to watch this if it was Sergio against say spieth

Leyton388 09-04-17 11:40 PM

It's great to see its either going to be Sergio or Justin. Second English winner in two years would be amazing.

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:43 PM

A lot of nerves out there.

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:51 PM

All square to the 18th :rock:

What a finish.

PTP 09-04-17 11:51 PM

Yup arses dropping out everywhere haha

PTP 09-04-17 11:51 PM

Cmon Sergio one more big fucking smack down the middle

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:53 PM

Great drive.

PTP 09-04-17 11:53 PM


ChesterDave 09-04-17 11:54 PM

4 days in and it's a basically left to a 1 hole pitch and putt competition!

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:59 PM

Pressure on Sergio.

PTP 09-04-17 11:59 PM

Stuffy cunt

PTP 09-04-17 11:59 PM

Sergio lad

Buzzo 09-04-17 11:59 PM


What a response.

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:00 AM

What a shot under pressure!

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:00 AM

Reckon Sergio might have a putt to win it.

PTP 10-04-17 12:03 AM

Come on Sergio now or never

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:04 AM

My heart is racing. Fuck knows what his must be like.

PTP 10-04-17 12:04 AM


Buzzo 10-04-17 12:04 AM


Buzzo 10-04-17 12:09 AM

Sergio deserved it for that second shot.

How does he regroup?

PTP 10-04-17 12:12 AM

Yeah it's going to be uphill from here for him!! What a fucking chance but bottled the sky team have just said I'd fear for him, if doesn't win now I don't think he'll ever win

Rose will be bouncing, he thought he'd lost so he will be quite relaxed in comparison

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:19 AM

Jammy little fucker

ChesterDave 10-04-17 12:20 AM

Advantage Sergio

Buzzo 10-04-17 12:21 AM

Another great drive from Sergio.

Rose has a slightly more challenging shot, got a bit lucky there. Again.

PTP 10-04-17 12:21 AM

Yeah he's had a bit of luck rose, bounce into 18 and then that was a terrible drive that he might get away with!

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