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PTP 04-07-06 12:44 PM

Italian Football in tatters
Well it's all goin pear shaped in Italian football, latest news -

The prosecution wants Juve relegated to Serie C and AC, Fiorentina and Lazio to Serie B. They also want points deducted before the season starts and Juve stripped of their last two titles.

I find it crazy whats goin over there, imagine if it happene over here and Chelsea, Man U, us and Arsenal were relegated!

Anyone fancy picking up Kaka on the cheap:D

AnfieldForever 04-07-06 12:51 PM

Loads of good players will be going cheap now! If chelski would have waiting they probably could have bought Sheva for about

PTP 04-07-06 01:02 PM

yeah only dreamin about kaka.

Nevded would be a possibility for one season or so.
I'd look for a striker on the cheap, possibly a backup centre mid as Didi looks to be on his way.

PTP 04-07-06 01:37 PM

Capello has just resigned from Juventus

Real Madrid anyone?

scully 04-07-06 02:02 PM

Nooooooo!!! I want Sven to go to Madrid - just so we don't have to see him much in our media anymore. But then Madrid have probably had second thoughts after seeing him fuck up England's World Cup campaign.

Mumsafan 11-07-06 06:39 PM

Yeah Capello will sort Madrid out :(

Am the only one who's looking forward to hearing this verdict?

AnfieldForever 12-07-06 12:54 PM

Here are some of the bigger named players available...

Gianluigi Buffon
Angelo Peruzzi

Alessandro Nesta
Fabio Cannavaro
Gianluca Zambrotta
Lilian Thuram
Tomas Ujfalusi

Gennaro Gattuso
Andrea Pirlo
Patrick Vieira
Mauro Camoranesi
Alessandro Del Piero
Pavel Nedved

Luca Toni
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

David Trezeguet
Alberto Gilardino
Filippo Inzaghi

PTP 12-07-06 12:55 PM

Thats one hell of a squad -- thought the verdict should of been announced by now.

PTP 12-07-06 01:07 PM

Just looked up on BBC - the verdict has now been delayed until thursday(origanlly should of been last Monday). Some dodgy is going on, don't be suprised if they all get away with a fine and a slap on the wrists.

These comments are the worrying ones.

national side's World Cup triumph in a penalty shoot-out on Sunday has sparked calls for leniency

"Let's do what they did in ancient Rome: whoever has given us prestige and dignity should be treated differently, as one who has done something exemplary," said Italy's Justice Minister Clemente Mastella.
What the fuck has ancient rome got to do with modern day football?

Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, owner of AC Milan, argued: "We can't penalise the fans. The individuals should be punished, not the clubs."

A lawyer for Juventus said on Wednesday the club might agree to relegation to Italy's second division, if found guilty
what do fuck do you mean 'MIGHT' agree if relegated, if Juve are relagted they should have no choice to agree/disagree with the verdict

I really reckon something is going on and they are going o get away with it

knockers 12-07-06 03:00 PM

It's Italy, the judges will be waiting for the bungs to clear in their bank accounts.

Former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, owner of AC Milan, argued: "We can't penalise the fans. The individuals should be punished, not the clubs."

As the owner of AC Milan is Berlusconi gonna take the rap then? I think not.

MrMichael 12-07-06 03:14 PM

If this was English clubs we'd already be banned from Europe for it. Given the rpecedent (Marseliies) I think it'll be hard for them to escape without serious punishment.. or at least I'd hope it would be :wall:

Rich 14-07-06 12:35 PM

Juventus Relegated to Serie B and a -20 points balance!

AnfieldForever 14-07-06 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by Cacodemon
Juventus Relegated to Serie B and a -20 points balance!

Honestly??? cant see it on the BBC site

PTP 14-07-06 01:35 PM

no - the verdict isn't going to be announced till 6pm

spud_gun 14-07-06 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by AnfieldForever
Honestly??? cant see it on the BBC site

Reports on BBC 5Live quoting an article from Gazzetta dello Sport [or was it the Corriere dello Sport?] state that Juve, Lazio and Fiorentina all to be relegated to Seria B. Milan to remain in Seria A with a points deduction and forfit their entry into this seasons champions league.

Rich 14-07-06 04:23 PM

Sorry guys,

I forgot to mention the information was from a Polish Twit that sits next to me, he was reading a polish report this morning...

I thought he might know something.... turns out, I'm wrong... :D

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