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Paul.S 09-07-06 09:19 PM

What a headbut/spear :D

AnfieldForever 09-07-06 09:51 PM

Oh my god! have you been watching football? Is it because you like the look of some of the Italian players? ;)

Paul.S 09-07-06 10:00 PM

nah, cos theres bugger all else on :D

PTP 10-07-06 09:02 AM

I'm gobsmacked by it. Why do it? what a way to end your career. He was obviously wound up by something said, but surely he has had things said to him all his career, with his experience you think he would rise above it.

Rich 10-07-06 09:59 AM

There is something wrong about what happened last night - I almost think he planned to do something like that, maybe to get back at the French?!?

I can't believe that in his many years in the game he hasn't heard every single insult under the ***, many, many times.

Paul.S 10-07-06 01:07 PM

Video game stylie...

Riddler 10-07-06 07:54 PM

I think he must have called him Baldy or something. What more would he have to do for it to be assualt?

AnfieldForever 12-07-06 07:02 PM

called his mum a whore or something along that line

BrandonKop 13-07-06 02:45 AM


Originally Posted by Paul.S

hahaha, good game but only 6 hits?:D

Mumsafan 13-07-06 09:27 AM

Yeah he appeared on French TV (oh the joys!) to apologise for his behaviour but refused to say sorry to Materazzi saying the Italian had insulted his mother and sister

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