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Today 11:03 AM
Joe Gomez
Our shit midfield has definitely stepped up a level, not so easily played through as previously. Wolves counter attacks did open us up with ease which was a worry, but they are a great attacking... (72,577 views, 902 replies)
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Today 10:59 AM
Title Race 2019-2020
Someone posted a long list of records we could break the other day - what struck me was the teams holding those records/runs were pretty much a mixed bag - you had the invinvibles on there, city more... (66,984 views, 2,042 replies)
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Today 10:54 AM
Jordan Henderson
Feel like a total arsehole having had doubts about him, the man just keeps stepping up and leading the team, love it! Probably the best captain in the league at least. (398,875 views, 6,214 replies)
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Today 10:37 AM
Mo Salah
I agree about the pass question , could of been 2 up which would have lessened the pressure on us. (199,671 views, 3,189 replies)
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Today 08:42 AM
Title Race 18/19
Nah, I think this one’s gone :( (136,722 views, 4,351 replies)
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Today 02:58 AM
General Football 2019
This could bode well! (432,603 views, 8,305 replies)
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Today 12:44 AM
Roberto Firmino
Love this guy. Always plays with a smile on his face (401,740 views, 3,848 replies)
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Yesterday 11:52 PM
Wolves predictions
1-2 Hendo wid ees heed Bobby forgot again (157 views, 14 replies)
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Yesterday 11:45 PM
Alisson Becker
:haha: but wow, what a goalie :rock: (59,919 views, 1,031 replies)
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Yesterday 09:48 PM
Can’t be worse than Shortarms surely? (320,392 views, 5,393 replies)
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Yesterday 08:27 PM
The Rugby Thread
Whilst that is true, the speed of the game in the professional era has increased considerably. The stats on number of collisions has increased greatly, so those big players tire a lot quicker as... (123,124 views, 4,178 replies)
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Yesterday 08:09 PM
The 'where are they now?' files .uk/sport/football/football-news/bobby-duncan-liverpool-transfer-news-17621042 Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk (356,446 views, 3,232 replies)
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Yesterday 07:45 PM
So de Kock named ODI captain, presumably he'll assume the test and T20 positions when Faf fucks off. A bit of a weird choice for captain as he's far from the obvious choice. Think they've picked him... (94,743 views, 3,486 replies)
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Yesterday 07:32 PM
Manchester City
As batshit crazy and horrific indictment of humanity Bluemoon is a little faith in humanity was restored when they roundly counteracted the nutter on there who was saying Conn is only critical... (376,079 views, 5,358 replies)
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Yesterday 05:45 PM
In rude health
He'd already made Arn's first 11 (2,080 views, 65 replies)
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Yesterday 03:52 PM
2019 Tennis
:haha: Kyrgios:respect: (16,870 views, 359 replies)
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Yesterday 03:33 PM
Other Matches PL 19/20 Season
:haha: Bags of potential (29,679 views, 1,277 replies)

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