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Yesterday 09:31 PM
Crystal Palace Thread (Home in the PL )
League games are too important to be experimenting IMO, would love to see Tsimikas get some minutes but reckon it'll still be Robertson on Saturday and Matip will be back in beside VVD, Konante and... (486 views, 26 replies)
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Yesterday 09:17 PM
AC Milan (h)
:haha: Code named KneeJerker :crackoff: (4,415 views, 253 replies)
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Yesterday 08:48 PM
Tottenham Hotspur
Spurs without Harry Kane > Spurs with Harry Kane. (430,291 views, 6,917 replies)
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Yesterday 08:36 PM
General Football 2021
For what its worth I've got a non-disparaging clause in my new contract, that said I don't get any cash for it, only the threat of legal fuckwittery ! (632,425 views, 10,097 replies)
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Yesterday 07:33 PM
Manchester City
Fcukin corrupt club (606,247 views, 6,737 replies)
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Yesterday 03:23 PM
Harvey Elliott
;)Klopp has found his mole!!! (51,786 views, 549 replies)
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Yesterday 03:19 PM
Loris Karius
Yep, Lovren couldn't walk properly for a couple of weeks after that & they put it down to concussion! :sigh::haha: (175,923 views, 2,245 replies)
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Yesterday 02:26 PM
Sadio Mané
:handshake: this is spot on. (241,307 views, 2,290 replies)
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Yesterday 01:00 PM
Every few year he does one of those redemption type interviews. I'm just a regular bloke who said stuff I regret and a lot of what I say is for the cameras blah blah blah. Then the mask slips... (389,899 views, 9,016 replies)
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Yesterday 11:08 AM
Opposition fan forum gems
:haha: This is fantastic. The reasoning is brilliant too. "We could say the same for Pickford over Alisson". Just need a faux Origi username to like that message. :) (12,865 views, 230 replies)
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Yesterday 06:44 AM
Jordan Henderson
Yeah I’ve got to admit I expected it to either hit the grandstand or the corner flag , not the back of the net lol . Well taken goal just at the right time. (588,704 views, 7,277 replies)
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Yesterday 06:19 AM
AC MEEEELAN Predictions
:haha: Good luck with that :pop: (240 views, 13 replies)

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