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Yesterday 11:53 PM
Brendan Rodgers
Elton John ? (1,227,944 views, 25,294 replies)
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Yesterday 11:52 PM
Trent Alexander-Arnold
By shagging his brothers wife for years without him knowing it? (38,367 views, 575 replies)
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Yesterday 11:02 PM
General Football 2018
Ok. It's shit from every angle. (348,550 views, 7,394 replies)
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Yesterday 09:32 PM
The Rugby Thread
And played with a fractured cheek I read yesterday. If England had known that I reckon Big Billy and co might have spent more time crashing it up the 10 channel :D (88,104 views, 3,573 replies)
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Yesterday 09:24 PM
Joe Gomez
Forgot how good he was so far this season! (57,153 views, 785 replies)
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Yesterday 08:19 PM
Haha! I can see Peter Reid in the back row. (289,345 views, 5,380 replies)
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Yesterday 08:17 PM
Alberto Moreno
Lazio have done well from us with Lucas and Alberto. Wouldn't be surprised to see Moreno continue the trend. (127,787 views, 1,991 replies)
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Yesterday 08:14 PM
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain aka "The Ox"
Ox's Dad was on the old footballers program last night, Alex made an appearance :D (50,309 views, 945 replies)
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Yesterday 07:26 PM
Manchester United
:haha: ‘Come and get me’. Not that subtle from Pogba. Link (977,524 views, 22,291 replies)
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Yesterday 01:29 PM
Sadio Mané
Mane was on 12 goals and Salah on 26 by the end of last January. Keep in mind, Mane had missed 11 games by this stage through injury, suspension and being rested. Salah was virtually ever present,... (94,919 views, 1,575 replies)
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Yesterday 11:29 AM
Enter Shaqiri
Oi lads!...leave the lovely wife out of it! :) Can't vouch for the washing though! :) (23,372 views, 443 replies)
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Yesterday 07:21 AM
:haha: (274,413 views, 5,145 replies)

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