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Originally Posted by Chazza View Post
As does Cook.

Not sure about Stokes getting in that position as Bairstow and Taylor appear to be ahead of him in the test team.

Rankin does look like an option on the bouncy pitches but Botham made a good point in that the development/A squad are touring close by so any replacements can come from that squad and won't be at home undercooked.

Personally I think we will draw the series.
Originally Posted by captainfog View Post
Cook needs runs, but he's captain and another poor series wouldn't put his place under pressure like it would Trott and Root. On the subject of Trott, he reached 40 something like 3 times in the last series, which isn't a bad lean stretch in which he was unlucky to get caught down the leg side a couple of times and was on the rough end of an lbw decision.

Bairstow has had his chance and he didn't take it and I think Stokes has moved ahead of Taylor after his performance in the last couple of one dayers. He's a potential superstar and will give us a proper 5th option with the ball, is dynamite in the field and can be a destructive lower middle order batsman. Without a stand out number 6 candidate I think they'll give him an opportunity.

I think Australia could potentially go into the series with a weaker side. No Pattison and no Starc is blow, while Harris is not guaranteed to be fit. And I don't believe the current hype about Johnson who I think still has it all to prove with the red ball. As for their batting, Watson is still a walking lbw, Clarke's back is playing up again and Warner and Smith still haven't proved themselves.

Man for man we are a better side and I think unless we play badly we should win the series comfortably. However, if we bat like dick heads again then it will be a close series and Australia will have a chance.
Got that wrong, Trott actually reached 40 on 5 occasions during the ashes
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