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Originally Posted by kev776 View Post
I wonder if Davies is any better, it would be nice to find out. Klopp knows Philips intimately and still went out and signed both Kazbak and Davies. There must be a reason he thinks Philips is not the answer.

Curious about that myself. I know nothing about Davies in terms of how good he is or is not, and pretty sure that even if I have seen him play for Preston in a cup game against a PL team that nothing stood out.

Given he is an experienced Championship player you would have to imagine that he should be at the same level or maybe above that of Phillips, Williams and maybe Kabak although Kabak despite being only 20 has more top flight experience than any of them.

Do agree with your point about Klopp bringing in two CBs as well rather than going straight to using Phillips and maybe bringing in only one CB as cover.

On paper I thought Davies might bring a nice balance to the back line what with him being a natural left footer given Kabak and Phillips are right footers but last night I thought Kabak looked very comfortable on the left side and he played quite a few passes, many of them long passes, with his left foot.
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