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Originally Posted by kev776 View Post
I wonder if Davies is any better, it would be nice to find out. Klopp knows Philips intimately and still went out and signed both Kazbak and Davies. There must be a reason he thinks Philips is not the answer.
Davies was supposed to be quite promising no idea if he is better or worse than Phillips or Kabak, just gives us options. As much as we needed a CB part of me wonders if there is a financial aspect to the Davies deal as well, given how much we paid for him we could still presumably sell him for a profit even if he never kicks a ball for us. I hope I am wrong and we did sign him for footballing reasons and he turns out to be a good player, but I don't see all of Phillips, Davies and Kabak being here next season unless someone else is shipped out (as other wise we'd go from starting this season with 3 CBs to next with 6.
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