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Originally Posted by danperkins View Post
As soon as Kenny became manager I lost interest in us. FAI went for a cheap option as they knew the squad is atrocious and yeah they are so corrupt... like so many in power in this little country. He is inexperienced at top level, a car crash at interviews and tactically inept. 10 games and 0 wins.

The argument pro Kenny supporters are using is that the squad is so bad nobody could be in any way successful, lots of injuries and no fans to push us. Points which do have merit but Kenny is not the guy and his support consists of league of Ireland fans. We have so many average players that in my opinion need a big name manager to get that bit extra out of them. You cant sack all the under performing players but you can the under performing manager. He's on borrowed time but I think they ll give him the group stages and when we fails he ll be gone, cheap experiment over. Unfortunately I'm watching now hoping we lose so they'll get rid asap, not good when it gets to that stage.

Noticed as well that Kenny has gone Hodgson in his interviews last night. He was on about how last night's result was a disappointment when compared to the good result that came before it.

Good result? The game before was a loss as well, and just because Serbia are a better team than Luxemburg, it still does not make a loss a "good" result. It reminded me of Hodgson coming out after a loss to Everton and calling it a good result.

10 games - no wins and only three goals scored, two of those in one game. There have been no good results fella.

Agree with your point that a better more tactically savvy manager would get more out of the current squad as well. We do not have a great squad of players but they are still professional footballers who should be able to do the basics right. Tactically we are all over the place and the players play like they have never kicked a ball before.

The LOI comments by you and Nev are spot on too as that is what we look like now on the pitch. If anything I think our ranking flatters us at present as we look like a team that should be in the 90's or lower in the rankings and not at 42. I was looking at the teams below us down as far as number 100 and there are a lot of teams there that I would fancy to beat us handily enough.
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