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Originally Posted by Jaco_Pastorious View Post
Nah we need to get Klopp to hug him after the game and a few of our Brazilian lads to have a word so he comes to us in the summer when we sell Mane

Not so sure hacking him down early would have the desired effect though. He has a bit of a spikey side to him when he plays and seems to revel in a bit of argie bargie. He chases back like a mo fo as well. Fully expect him to be looking to continue his spat with TAA from the first whistle.

Going to be a hell of a player once he gets a bit more consistency to his game, but at 20 he is already a game winner.
Going to regret this no doubt - I don’t think he “makes it” at the highest level. I think he ends up at Sevilla or that level
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