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Originally Posted by BG1973 View Post
He is a great player. In his last 18 months for us he was phenomenal hence the fee.
He's been mismanaged since. He'd be amazing again in this Klopp side.
He was a great player when we he had the ball, but often he didnt do the graft when we were pressing.
Some games he did tackle back and it was a revelation to see him putting the graft in, and knowing he could play a better all round game made it even more frustrating when he wanted to walk around letting his team mates do the hard yards.
Too much billy big bollocks and a superstar now, fuck him.
Champions of Europe and the World. removing all the weak links makes us stronger

too many gutless players, no beef or desire. pussies everywhere... sack them all, but not VVD or Alisson
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