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Originally Posted by baitman View Post
Brenda Rodgers complaints about a tough schedule for his players...

So I thought I'd look at a typical 24 hours in the day of the life of an average player.

07.45 : wake up in your 2m mansion and get a blow job/wank off your gold-digger wife.

08.00 : bimble into training in your 100k car that is sponsored

09.00 : tell the gaffer your hammy is tight,so just do a little light "training" and have a few hours on the massage table/sauna

12.45 : have lunch prepared by a Michelin star chef

13.45 : leave training,call in on your side piece for a quick fuck,and get to the golf course for your 3.30pm tee time.

18.00 : home for another wank off the Mrs,a line of powder and maybe watch a game on your 75" plasma.

23.00 : nip out to the casino and spunk off 20k at the tables.

01.00 : bed. And probably wank yourself off.
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