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Why the hate? Great player. Unusual quirky manager. The fascist stuff doesn't bother me either, a man is allowed to have his own thoughts. He isn't going around kicking the shit out of folk, he isn't a practising (is there such a term?) racist, he trys to make people happy, ie the fans. He's obviously failing but you can tell from yesterday's antics he's hurting. He's passionate.

To be honest I don't much care either way, in defending him its looks like I care, I really don't. It just seems that fans over here on the whole don't like anything different. Such as arrogance or self promotion. It adds to the league for me. You don't want 20 polite calm no emotion shown managers on the touchline, much the same you don't want 20 Jose's. Now Steve Bruce is someone to hate with his fat ugly head.

I just don't understand the whole hating opponents managers usually for what they say. Its there job to stick up for their team.

All hate should be saved for all things utd. The rest can carry about their business.
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