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Originally Posted by fredo View Post
You've got a point but off the top of my head, without any attempt at a deep analysis on things, maybe it's borne out of the fact that, generally, women's musculature are less developed than men's, meaning that techniques to improve muscle mass may be more difficult.

As for the East german women, I think they relied on 'hormones' to increase their performance levels, which I also think, is very easy to depict if someone goes this route.

I'm not sure at all about all the above, just for general debate.
Yes, it occurred to me it may be caused by physical gender differences, although you'd have thought there would be one woman in the world at least who would be able to benefit from the same doping techniques as the men, if they were actually using any.

I would agree it's circumstantial evidence at best.
Suppose you have a physicist and a sociologist standing at the side of a field, observing a set of events unfolding on the field. The physicist does [describes] it using the terminology of mass and velocity and frequency of radiation and the rest. And the sociologist does it by describing it as a rugby match.

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