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Originally Posted by PTP View Post

for me the bigger worry is their fowards....they are completley fucked up top

from wiki - this is their list of forwards...

Saha - good player but terrible injury problems - do well to get 20+ games from him

Magay Gueye - who?? signed last year made a few sub appearences and a couple starts - Shite

Aposolos Vellios - WHO? 19 yr old greek, signed in jan...3 appearences...SHITE

Ah....Victor Anichebe - Been at everton through the ranks...Made his debut 5 years ago and has played 97 times....scoring 7.....Dirk Kuyt has famously scored more goals at Goodison park than him - SHITE!!!

Denis Stracqualursi - WHO just signed on loan...pug ugly footballer who has played for no-one of note, and scored a few goals for them - bound to be shite.

Jose BAxter - youngster...played 7 games since his debut in 2008 - no goals....shite

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