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I need some help from you all please if you don't mind. This probably won't work but it's worth a go! Especially if someone like Shaggy can help [emoji6].

I'm coming to England this summer and want to try and get a trial for my son with Liverpool, or any professional team to be honest.

He's good enough, 4 top teams in Mexico have given him trials and he's at various stages in the process. Theirs a good chance he will have been offered an Academy place by at least one of them before the summer.

Current Mexican champions Tigres have asked him to go to trials in March, local rivals Monterrey Rayados had him for a week in December and we are waiting to hear from them. Chivas & Atlas from Guadalajara have both offered him or already given him trials.

Two summers ago I wrote to all the clubs in the North West, most didn't even reply. A couple replied that they only considered boys recommended by their own scouts.

Preston North End invited him to a trial and ended up letting him train with them all summer. An English FA youth coach worked part time for them and he thought he was good enough.

This time I want to try and get him a trial through social media.

I've setup a Twitter account @Tacofutbol, a YouTube channel (I need 100 subscribers to be eligible for a custom url) & website

I've posted a short video on Twitter with the hash tag #giveThomasatrial.

You can help if you could share that video or any from the YouTube channel with players, ex players, youth players, coaches or football reporters you are connected with using the hash tag #giveThomasatrial.

Maybe Anfieldwrap and Redman?

As I said, a trial at Liverpool would be a dream but we would love a chance with any professional team except the Mancs!

Thanks everyone.


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