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Originally Posted by Lecter View Post
No disrespect but Preston is somewhat different to LFC

Good luck anyway

Maybe I haven't been clear enough with what I'm trying to achieve.

Obviously as a Liverpool supporter I would love Thomas to have a chance of a trial at Liverpool but I am trying to get him a trial at ANY professional Academy in England this summer.

Well, any except the Mancs!

If he could get a trial at Everton, Tranmere, Wigan or anywhere within a reasonable travel distance from Liverpool I would jump at the opportunity.

I would consider anywhere in England.

This is about getting him the chance to train for a few days at a professional Academy so he can benchmark himself against boys in England and see how close he is to being good enough to make it in England.

I'm not trying to actually get him into an Academy to stay or specifically into Liverpool.

So if anyone knows anyone directly or indirectly in the football community then I would appreciate it if you could share his videos and ask them to give him a couple of days to show his ability.

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