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Originally Posted by Resu View Post
It is, but coupled with what he has going in Mexico they might give him a
chance. But I guess it would help if it was documented in some way.
I would be genuinely shocked if he got a look in

You lose nothing by trying but I think it massively unlikely they would do anything

I know a young lad who tried something similar and he was already on Blackburns youth books. Wrote to all the Premier League clubs in the North West and didnt get a look in. He ended up playing for the Nike team and played in USA, Mexico leagues and is now plying his trade in Finland. Hes only 20

Its massively difficult and the clubs dont give a shit, they genuinely dont.

They would rather the kid go elsewhere and prove himself than bother looking at them

Theres a great book by Michael Yates called "Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen and ... Me" about him being scouted and coming through the youth team and then having to restart his career when he failed to make it
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