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Originally Posted by dom9 View Post
The stadium does look pretty finished - to a point where it looks like it could host matches. Exterior cladding is ongoing, but that's largely cosmetic. The seats are in.

The speculation around the safety systems not being up to the job and consequently having to be ripped out and reinstalled from scratch does seem to tally with the lack of visibility even Spurs have on their own completion date. There must be a hell of a lot of re-work, if not re-design.

Just sounds like a monumental fuck up. And a punishingly expensive one.

I have some sympathy with the view that all games should be played in one stadium, but I don't think they blatantly lied about much myself. The tone of the press releases is a mixture of acute embarrassment, incredulity and cluelessness. And this from what many think to be one of the more clued up chairmen in sport.
I believe they haven't sold all the exec boxes and corporate take up leading them to discount which after being made public makes them discount the initial sales. Project is circa around GBP1b so expect the debt to increase further.

Most contractors insure themselves for delays, and contract pricing will allow for delay payments to Spuds but i doubt it would be anywhere near tens of millions.
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