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Originally Posted by Buzzo View Post
The fact that Pep talks about the finance involved tells you he knows how big they have spent.

He talks about their required attacking options and what he wants is ridiculous, of course they are going to do well. They can rotate like for like. With Sterling, Aguero and Bernardo Silva rotating with Sane, Mahrez and Jesus. Pep is a good coach but with the resources he has it is bound to lead to massive success. So FFP is a huge part of it.

Thatís 2 full strength forward lines that would each start for most teams. Thatís why they won the treble and thatís why they are crooked as fuck (and this is replicated throughout the team).

By comparison we have one starting forward line averaging £30m per player and a fairly conservative back up three. We pretty much funded our squad by selling Suarez and Sterling and Coutinho.

Theyíve never sold anyone for big bucks. They donít sell out their stadium. The numbers donít work.
Yep, it seems like the basic numbers cannot ever add up but these corrupt cunts know how to play with their accounts and add value to this shitty brand they created.
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