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Originally Posted by homer1 View Post
Poached from under the nose of Fergie ...................... allegedly

Never forget Bobby Robson being interviewed speaking after he had captured Hugo Viana for 8.5m saying that Ged had rang him up and said "you bugger (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)" - proud as punch he was that he had stolen a march on us

Thanks fuck we aren't talking about him as being another of our expensive flops - is he still at Valencia?
The thing is that apparently both United and Arsenal were after him but that must be true of so many young players. In the sense that at least they have them scouted just like us. Under Houllier we seemed to put too much faith in too few young players and seemed to pay a lot for many of them and failed to develop any at all really.

I think a lot of the problems came from a failure to create a united youth and reserve policy and use loans in any way constructively. The Houllier-Heighway disagreements cost us a great deal in the long run IMO. It was interesting that Rafa was so quick to get rid of Heighway.
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