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Originally Posted by Harv View Post
I also still don't see what peoples problem is with them letting the back markers move out the way. It wasn't robbery FFS. Hamilton still had front position and opportunity to pass once he got overtaken. He was unlucky, finally, when all the luck had been with him the rest of the way.

The problem with letting some of the cars through and not others is that it did not treat all drivers on the grid equally. Sainz could have had a shot at the win, all those lapped cars not allowed through were denied a shot at moving up.

Then there's this quote "There's a requirement in the sporting regulations to wave all the lapped cars past"
Michael Masi, October 2020

I think both drivers had their share of leniency from the stewards this year and on the whole it balanced out, right up until Latifi crashed... Only one driver benefited from the subsequent decisions
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