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Originally Posted by sean_lfc View Post
So I'm gonna tell you this little story.

I'm 36 years old, I've been to Anfield once in my life, it was against West Ham in 2008, we won 4-0, Torres scored a hattrick (I had to look that up). I was right next to the West Ham fans in the Annie Road End and never go to *REALLY* appreciate the whole stadium you know? Too many West Cunts lording it large, had to listen to them the whole time, but it was still a fucking buzz to be fair!

So anyways, it was revo, the old cat's here will know him, and he sorted my 2 German mates and me tickets out when I was still a wreckhead student living it up in Leeds. That's the ONLY TIME in my life I've hung out with more than 1 Liverpool fan.

Fast-forward 11 years (Christ on a bike) and I'm in Berlin, not a student any more, and more of a clandestine wreckhead now (even hide it from the missus hehehehehehjeeehaueaieh )... and it turns out my best mate here who's a supervising film producer's creative director colleague (a German Polack) is actually the biggest Liverpool fan, runs the Berlin Reds fan club, never talks to me at work about anything BUT liverpool, and took me to my FIRST EVER outing to a Liverpool Supporters Bar and Night.

Can you imagine that shit? I've been basically watching Liverpool only ever ALONE cheering on Liverpool, or - as happened in Leeds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many times - being in the pub with 99% MANC cunt fans and losing every game. It was fucking tragic. Back in Leeds I would even sometimes wear the shirt, outnumbered, outgunned, outcunted, and had to take defeat every single time. Horrendous.

Sooooo, back to the story, there I was invited to the FIRST EVER outing with Liverpool fans ONLY, in fucking Berlin, Germany, somewhere in the East. It was FUCKING UNREAL! They even played all the fucking songs on't stereo before the game, everyone was singing, GERMANS, FUCKING GERMANS, singing all the songs!!!

The game was Chelsea. I told the cunts (and became a hero in the official supporters club instantly).... before Trent walked up to take the freekick:

"He's got new shoes, he's gonna score"

And BAM! Trent scores the fucking beaut! Everyone went wild.

So I'm there, going British mental (coz I am, innitz), and I fall in love with supporters there and then. I notice how fucking BIG this club is. There's fucking girls from Sweden there, guys from Spain, it's fucking mental, everyone's cheering us on! There's even another guy, he runs the supporters' whatever, taking photos, shooting videos the whole time, more interested in capturing the atmosphere than watching the game, proper ledge!

Sooooooo.... this was a magical moment for me. I'm 36. I supported us through thick and thin. I was always alone. And then I'm in't pub with a loada strangers and we're all in it together and for the first time in my life, I can be free. I can sing away (scream away!!!). I was sooo happy, it was like a lost tiger who gets back to his tribe.

And I want to share it with ya lads, how much I love this club, and how much it meant to me, to be there, with our kin, in Berlin... here's the video (you can guess which one's me hahahahaha):

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Liverpool has changed my life and EST1892 crew has been there all along, and I want to repay it, with video and sound!!!

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