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So I was over on holidays in 2001 & my blue ****e cousin got us tickets for the Goodson derby but in the home bay near 1/2 way. Strict instructions to me where not to wear anything red & keep my mouth shut about who I support. We met at his local pub for a few ales which was a bit of banter with the barmaids which was cool then on to the game.

They scored first & everyone around me was out of their seats EXCEPT ME but no one noticed that. We equalised through Stevie G & before I realized I was out of my seat celebrating before I noticed I was the only person in that stand celebrating. Check the video & youíll see Stevie doing the run down the side line in front of me giving it to the bitters hey. Iíll never forget that & how much it meant to him to score against the arch enemy.

We went on to win 3-1 & I celebrated every goal in front of their crowd like a boss lol I doubt Iíll ever get invited to sit with the Cousin & his bitter mates ever again but I left my mark on Goodison well & truly.

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