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Originally Posted by sean_lfc View Post
First of all, thanks for sharing such an excellent story Brian I think years ago you had mentioned your dad, wonderful long story that! That's what the Pint and Pool is all about

PS: I had wondered what those question mark icons are too and I just realised it must be when someone types from their phone and uses the emojis there, forum Software doesn't pick them up!
Yeah great Idea Sean, I have been on a couple of Liverpool podcasts talking about footie and recently I was thinking about different subjects to talk about rather the usually how to you beat the press or who should we buy in January topcis. I have long thought Football is magical, I read once someone describe it as working-class opera. One thing is for sure, its emotional, for many of us, it gives us meaning when somethings our lives dont have much. Hearing how football changes people, communities, that game during the War at Christmass, reminds us of our shared humanity. # I think # I am not stoned
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