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Originally Posted by SB View Post
Well in Nicey.

The closest I go in that direction is as follows

I was talking with my now departed Dad some time back & I remember thinking that never having seen Liverpool play a live match with my Dad was one of the few regrets I had in life. A few months later Liverpool FC announced that they were coming to Australia for the first ever time in July 2013. We arranged txt & my mum n dad , my son & I were off to Melbourne to see the mighty Reds play Melbourne at the MCG. It was an amazing build up in the heart of Melbourne throughout the day & we all made our way to the MCG for the evening KO. 96,000 fans sang YNWA in one of the greatest renditions ever heard on this planet. We had an amazing time but unfortunately later that year my Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour that was very aggressive & he passed away in December that year. At his funeral I arranged to have the recording played of YNWA from that wonderful night in Melbourne where my Dad got to sing at his own funeral & there wasnít a dry eye in the house , as Iím sure you can imagine. Every time I here our anthem I think of him & that one time when 3 generations of Bathoís saw Liverpool FC strut their stuff. YNWA Ernie Batho
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