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Originally Posted by Mr Pink View Post
Losing Allison would have been infinitely worse- excluding penalties, we conceded 4 goals in the 9 games that VVD missed- west ham, city and 2 against Atalanta... we conceded 9 goals in the 3 games that Allison missed!

It’s a looong road ahead, but I think we’ve coped really well without VVD and Gomez so far.
In terms of balance to squad - not being able to "missed" or having adequate VVD=

Overplaying Gomez - injured
Overplaying Matip - Injured
Overplaying Fab (moved to CB) - Injured
Overplaying Midfielders to compensate for Fab - Naby, Hendo, Milner all injured

Of course Thiago missing also doesn't help but most stems from VVD not being available
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