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Originally Posted by danperkins View Post
If Matip is not fit (which I won't hold my breath for) then we are stuck between a rock and a hard place vs United. Either play Hendo & Fab at CB and lose that drive and security in midfield or play one of the young lads beside Fab and Hendo back in midfield but then run the risk of the young lad getting destroyed vs the pace of United. The problem with Philips or Williams is that neither or them are quick and imo is Joel is not fit, Hendo will be at CB. We really need Matip back ffs, it's a huge game and a huge game psychologically.

What I will say is that Thiago won't play that poorly again and it was a mistake to play Ox and Thiago in the same midfield as both are nowhere near match fit and it showed. I doubt Trent will ever play as poorly as that again even if his general performances this season have fallen off a cliff & at some stage Mane & Mo will kick in again.

Bit of a double edged sword for Klopp to contend with, we have just been so unlucky this season and we can all see that apart from a few game here and there, the balance of the team is off.
Some good points... personally, I think we'd be better with one of the young guns partnering Fab as CB and bring Hendo back into the middle of the park - especially against United. I think Thiago lost his way in the last game due to fitness but also - and more importantly - because he didn't have Hendo doing the grunt work and freeing him up to make those creative, defence-splitting passes... We'll get more from the front three with a midfield of Hendo, Thiago and Gini too.. and won't be as reliant on (aimless) crosses into the box by TAA and Robbo...
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