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Originally Posted by dizzycat View Post
I think Hendo has to play in midfield, we need his organisation, voice and drive there. I would rather play Williams than have Hendo as a CB again. Like Dan says fitness is an issue for players coming back in. For United I would prioritise the midfield press to reduce reliance on a makeshift central defence (assuming Matip is still out). The one thing we are missing is the great early distribution we used to get from VVD and that is really hard to replace.
with Hendo, Gini and Thiago in there you would like to think that's 3 players who can press and challenge for possession.

Fabinho could very well provide that long accurate ball to the front lads, although we haven't really seen that yet from him at CB but we just miss VVD so much, as would any team. Gigantic loss for our defence, still annoys me.
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