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Itís a great read! Personally, Iím pretty optimistic about the new season!

Squad wise, I think weíre more comfortable now, than before last season.

I think the ďitís harder to win it a second timeĒ narrative is a load of bollox- itís hard to win it, full stop. What makes it harder a second time? Before we won it, people were saying itís harder for us, cos we donít have experience of winning it, but now itís harder cos we have recent experience of winning it?? As for the notion that teams treat you differently after youíve won it- we got 97 points the year before and won the champions league, so teams would be stupid to not realize our quality.

I also think the ďthey canít keep it up 3 years in a rowĒ narrative is a load of bollox. Why not?! Footballers typically do it for 10-15 years in a row. The fact that they stay together at the same club, will stop that?? From a physical perspective, our front 3 (the players I hear rival fans say will burn out) have had their first long break in years, during the lockdown, and we were in semi-preseason mode for the last 7 games of the season. Yes, we wanted to win the games, but obviously the pressure that normally comes with a game wasnít there.
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