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I'll nail my colours to the mast, I think he's doing a pretty good job, like he said himself, teams are allowed to have a good goalkeeper. He's hitting all the right notes with the players and the fans and has won 6 out of 6. Couldn't ask for more, he surprised me, now if he gets the job long term there will be different pressure and I'm aware of the face that they had an easy run coupled with the fact they faced a tiring Spurs squad.
It's obviously disingenuous to say he's just a cheerleader who is sending his team out to enjoy football and will be found out eventually.

The changes he has made are hardly genius though, he's freed up Pogba from having to defend by employing a double pivot, added the pacey players up front, dropping slower ones like mata and Fellani.

Their defence won't always get bailed out by De Gea though, that back four won't win anything.
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