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Simple changes that would make it better.

1. Time off. When a VAR decision is being decided stop the match clock.
2. Vocal. Include the voice of both the ref and the VAR ref in the decision. Having the refs mic’d Would improve football and stop a lot of the harassment of referees.
3. Ideally play the incident in the stadium.
4. Get the ref to spell out his thinking verbally when making his ruling.

All of this gives the power to the ref using the VAR as assistance. VAR can interject if it sees something that the refs may have missed.

All of this happens in Rugby. In Rugby each match has a TMO who O believe is situated within the stadium. None of this Stockley Park bollocks.

There are better examples, but look how clear this decision is and how well communicated the decision is. In stadium you can buy an earpiece that lets you hear the ref throughout the match.

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