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Originally Posted by PTP
interesting theory - Cacodemon, i think he means thats spurs have something on chelsea which could cause problems if released, If you remember chelsea tapped up and basically robbed Franc Arnesan(jol's no.2) off spurs, Spurs were pretty fucked off about it and were going to sue - giving the situation chelsea were in with regards tapping up, they were going to get the book thrown at them - all of a sudden it went quiet and spurs were happy
Exactly PTP. My Spurs mate believes this to be true...after the Ashley Cole tapping conviction the authorities were ready to throw the book at Chelski and when they tapped up Arnesen it hit the fan. Many meetings later, a spare wedge of roubles and Spurs basically become Chelski's feeder club, benefitting from any spare players (Duff for example) while if Chelski want Lennon, Carrick et al then Spurs will just bend over and be taken.

My Hotspur supporting friend is also fine with this, as long as Spurs become contenders.
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