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Originally Posted by Cacodemon
No that's fine, it's interesting to read about people's thoughts on Roman.

I cannot believe that somebody can become that wealthy in such a short space of time by genuine means.

If you read his Bio - there are large areas of misty/foggy information - he just somehow managed to take control of Sibnef (or whatever it is called)

In my opinion, Billions of ordinary Russian peoples money has gone to him, and what does he do, spend it like it's going out of fashion - in London of all places.

The other odd thing about this Duff deal, is that the player only has 1 year left on his deal, i.e. he's free from January onwards. Why would a club shell out their largest transfer fee on a guy entering his final year?
Roman (and a lot of his friends) 'alledgely' became suddenly rich when Vladimir Putin took over Russia. He gave them all 'jobs for the boys' and systematically sucked the countries resources dry, taking the money to play with in Western Europe. Gary Kasperov and a few other influential russians have created a new party (2008 or something, to signify the year of the next election) to try and take the country over and re-distribute the wealth.

Regarding Jarosik (and also casually meandering back to football) he was signed from CSKA Sofia, as was Maniche I believe, which is owned by Sibnef. Another case of his money, and his friends money, getting mixed about and cleaned during transfers.
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