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Originally Posted by Cacodemon
I cannot believe that somebody can become that wealthy in such a short space of time by genuine means.

If you read his Bio - there are large areas of misty/foggy information - he just somehow managed to take control of Sibnef (or whatever it is called)
From what I've read about it all, the russian government issued the people in russia shares/vouchers worth x amount in different private/public sector companies. Most of the russian people had no idea what these were or any idea of their value, appartently the likes of Roman and the other rich russian oil barons etc, who had good business knowledge knew exatcly what they were. They traded items like food, tv's stereos etc and cash for the vouchers until they had obtained so much that they effectivly owned the compaines.

I'm not 100%(maybe 99.9% ) certain of the exact details but from what I can remember it's along those lines - does anyone else have a more accurate idea
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