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Originally Posted by Kenneth View Post
Yeah, City fans were wrong, whereas I am not.

Pep's City have always been a better side than us, in terms of personel, and have no limits on bettering their squad. We won our trophies by being better than the sum of our parts, but won't manage that again. The damage to the self belief of the players and the total trust in the manager from this season is too severe imo.
They haven’t. Not in terms of 1-11, or even our main core of 14-15 players for the 2 seasons before this one.

In terms of overall squad, then yes. They’ve clearly far more depth in quality beyond their 1st choice players than we’ve ever had.

And again in terms of our best team, we haven’t been better than the sum of our parts. We’ve had genuine quality all over the pitch, in every position. Although we did achieve a lot with a relatively small group of core players, if that’s what you mean.
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