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Originally Posted by Corndog View Post
Why aren't those 3 good enough to be part of a prem winning squad.

One has played in CL and WC finals, he's proven himself at the highest level and is 3rd or 4th choice.

Another (hendo) has continually been part of midfield trios that have dominated world class opposition e.g city or Barca and not just as a one off.

The last one barely gets any game time now but could still be a strong starter for a decent prem side and is like 5th or 6th in the pecking order.

It's all relative but those players aren't even always necessarily starters and all of them have quality.
As I said Iím irrational when it comes to football, I let my prejudice against certain players cloud my judgement. Itís probably why I focus on their errors far more than other players.

It feeds into my main point - football and sport in general is emotive, we as fans (for the most of us ) invest so much into the result that rational thought and behavior can go out the window during a game. Added to the fact that we crave the league so badly makes me even more irrational.

Those three players - I donít rate them as good enough to start, thatís just my opinion and hence why I am overly harsh on my criticism of them. Irrational stuff - I know
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