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Originally Posted by Hollowman
I'd love to hea what people are going to say when Margarito gets his arse handed to him by Mayweather. There'll always be some shit talked. Some new nobody for him to duck. Margarito is exciting because he goes to war, but he's not a class fighter. How a multi-weight unbeaten champion can be called a fraud is beyond me.

But you seem to be happy about patting yourself on the back because you're not falling for the media trick. Well done. Hope that works out for you.
well we'll never know if floyd would knock him out because floyds to busy running away from him. still floyd can live safe in the knowledge that he's P4P#1! when he starts taking on people who represent a challenge to him, like he did in the early parts of his career, people will start to take him seriously when he claims to be the best.

and thanks i'm sure it will work out for me!
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