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Originally Posted by Big-Red-Ed View Post
My lungs are about to collapse with laughing so hard. Feckin genius.
Originally Posted by cadmium View Post
"Awooga" FLMAO

Funny innit fellas.

I sent all these to some mates over email, and was amazed to find only around half thought it was funny, and I got SLATED by the rest, who thought it was rubbish, mildly offensive and unfunny. I also posted it on 6CM and it bombed there too. Hey ho.

Some of it is close to the bone (pardon the pun) but I just love the imagery, the colourful language, the wonderful metaphors and similes...and of course the signature ending.

It reminds me of Partridge. Akabusi, hilarious as a choice of character given his 'family-fun' image, and his inane, grinning, almost hapless personality, and his mundane life as an ailing minor celebrity, punctuated by these wild tales of sordid filth. Akabusi the sexual predator.

And his cock did appear to be pretty massive.
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