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Originally Posted by McDermotX View Post
I dunno.......claim any punishment, such as a ban, could not only potentially cause loss of earnings for the club, associated organisations, sponsors, but also directly impact the players' worth, livelihood and potential earnings in the future etc

That's the kind of shit that could be twisted about and taken into account.
All because they (more than likely) essentially violated the rules set by a private sporting group for their private sporting competition.

Fuck em out for good if you ask me, and then the FA should be obligated to review City's parameters for meeting their own guidelines.
Now I'm no legal eagle... but having watched enough of these court room dramas, US dramas, A Few Good Men, etc... a good lawyer will just take the exact opposite stance to what they're taking...

i.e. if they are claiming they would 100% be penalised by the enforcement of a European ban, loss of earnings, player values, etc... then surely they are saying that they are currently deliberately and falsely benefiting from much higher revenues, higher player wages, more attractive club status, inflated player values due to breaching the rules and becoming more appealing and successful as a result...

I rest my case.
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